James Cameron Vegan – You Can Do It Too

Four years ago, well-renowned director James Cameron defected to veganism. He often stressed upon the importance of preserving the environment, and so in an attempt to save it, he let go of his non-vegan tendencies.

Not only did this shift in diet contributed positively to the environment, but it also massively improved his physical and emotional health.

He remarks with a dedicated conviction that adopting a vegan lifestyle is the first step towards solving the pressing issue of climate change, while at the same time, ensuring the longevity of human life.

He also implicitly says that it will drastically improve your health and increase your libido. All you have to do is make the sacrifice of dairy and meat.

According to him, his whole family made this change, and it proved quite fruitful for them.

The improvement in his immune system is evident from the fact that he hasn’t caught a cold or flu in over three and a half years.

Now, all of this could be a coincidence, or it could be the secretive handy-work of the vegan diet he’s been consuming day in and day out. I’ll go with the latter.

Recent researches have shown that different cultures who survive solely on a vegan diet are thriving from a health standpoint.

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Scientists, after observing the dietary habits of people living in the blue zones ― five locations in the world that are home to the most number of centenarians ― have concluded that a vegan lifestyle does have a paramount effect on overall health.

These people, belonging to different cultures, and living under harsh environmental conditions, have commonality in the fact that they consume a diet high in plants.

They also cover a lot of distance every day. Unlike Millenials, they don’t hit the weights four times a week or glue their faces to a screen all day.

So, a diverse list of things is contributory to the longevity of people living in the blue zones but the one resounding common element is that they mostly intake plant-feed.

Cameron, greatly inspired from their dietary habits, followed suit and threw himself at the mercy of veganism. To his surprise, this change exceeded his expectations, converting him into a full-time vegan-faithful.

Switching to a vegan diet overnight is a demanding task. You’ll probably meet disappointment at every turn. You have to ease your way into the green-world of veganism.

There are a number of obstacles on the road to veganism. You’ll get a vegan diet loaded with pesticides from the market. Consuming it will do you more harm than good.

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Learn how to grow your food, and experiment with plant-based recipes in the kitchen on a regular basis.

I know that vegan restaurants and organic stores are on the rise, but they’ll cost you a fortune.

James Cameron the Vegan would advise you to make this lifestyle-shift, considering how much he has benefited from it himself.

Follow in the footsteps of the great and do whatever you can to save the environment and yourself. You owe it to your home and yourself.

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