As an Aries financial situation will be perfect for you in July 2017. You will have to balance your professional goals and family issues. As you are looking for an exciting career, it’s important for you to bring balance, peace and harmony in family situations. There may be some health issues.


Mars will force you to be aggressive, and Saturn is holding back the Taurus sign. Your social intelligence and family would be the dominating factors. There is an opportunity to enhance your skills which will further your career. Mercury is favouring you for financial growth. Your health is normal, and your love will be highly active.



As a Gemini, you will strive to move ahead in July 2017 despite the planets not favouring you this month. Your career strategies will have to be realigned this month for your future success. Saturn will guide your financial prosperity. Your health is great however your love relations are chaotic and very complex.


As a Cancerian in July 2017, you are required to be adaptable and self-governing. Your progress is affected by the retrograde of planets. You have an obligation to be innovative in your profession if you are to survive. Your partner will help out with your financial projects. As a single Cancerian, you will be able to attract the opposite sex with your magnetic personality. Your health will be excellent.

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As a Leo, your focus will shift from your career to your family for July 2017. This is the perfect timing for you to connect with your supreme power and review your progress in life. Some speculations may favour you for financial gains; however, your profession will be furious. You will have to allow your relationships to grow naturally. Your health will be fantastic.


Spirituality and creativity will be essential for Virgo in July 2017. Social networking will be required to progress in your career. Your financial strategies will require review and change. Your health will be superb, and your love relationships will form at a slow pace.


Your domestic and professional affairs are vital in July. You are at the most successful stage of your career with rewards. Planetary alignments are superb for monetary gains. However family and marital life may become complex. Your health may become problematic.



Mars and Saturn will impact you significantly in July 2017. They will affect your health and career which may prevent success. Jupiter will guide you in your financial prosperity. There is a conflict between family and career responsibilities. Your health can be significantly improved by working more smartly.


There will be more emphasis on your career this month. You will have to compromise and cooperate to succeed in your life. Your financial situations may be tight this month. Your health is exceptional. However, your love life is very stressing.

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Your occupation and spirituality will be the spotlight this month. There will be many opportunities for career advancement available to you. Financial situation will be tough. Both family life and your health will create serious problems.


Mars and Saturn will be chaotic for you in July 2017. Pluto will slow down your career and Neptune is not favourable for any financial progress. Your health will be very fragile. The positives for you this month is that your partner is rocking. You can enjoy your sexual intimacy and maybe plan for a baby.


The emotional stability of others is crucial for you this month. Brave actions are required for financial progress. Your love relationships may be under threat because you emphasise on perfection. Your health is good, and restraint is key to making it better.