The natural world has long held much symbolism for people from every culture and tradition.

The Juniper tree appears in many European cultures, particularly in English, Scandinavian and Icelandic traditions.

So what symbolism do we find in the Juniper tree, and why has its importance lasted so long?

Overview Of Juniper Tree

The Juniper tree grows all over the Northern hemisphere. Evergreen, it grows berry-like cones (called Juniper berries) that are used in all sorts of rituals.

Most commonly, these berries are connected to good health and healing. They have also variously been linked with animals, aphrodisiacs, fertility, fortune, secrets, love, protection and strength.

However, there is more powerful symbolism found within the Juniper tree.

Juniper Tree: Manifestation

Juniper berries are beneficial for incense. The torrents of smoke that result from burning them have utility in a great many manifestation rituals.

Elemental fire is also strongly linked with both the Juniper and with the act of manifestation, joined energetically by the heat of creation.

Juniper Tree: Purification

The cleansing rituals that are most commonly used to remove evil spirits and protect from them all require the use of Juniper berries on account of the purifying qualities of the Juniper’s fruit.

Most uses of Juniper revolve around taking someone into your protection, which makes it very popular for initiations, ceremonies and other similar welcomes and fresh starts.

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In traditional medicines, Juniper twigs and needles are burned to provide healing for the sick, believed to help ward off infection. This is usually used as a preventative measure for the elderly and the weak.

Juniper Trees In Dreams

Our most substantial connection to the metaphysical world is through the portal of our dreams, and the Juniper tree has long played a role in the metaphysical use of dreams and dreaming.

To dream of the tree itself is seen as profoundly unlucky, particularly for those suffering illness.

However, dreaming of gathering the Juniper berries can tell of coming prosperity for you and your community.

Dreaming of the berries alone, perhaps held in your hand or a basket is associated with the receipt of high honours and accolades, signalling coming recognition for your successes.

For those who are expecting a new addition to the family, these dreams often symbolise the arrival of a boy.

Other Symbolic Meanings

The Juniper tree has its roots in many cultures around the world, and some have exciting symbolism associated with it.

In Welsh tradition, cutting down a Juniper tree is considered a death sentence. It is said to bring death to the feller.

In Newfoundland, the Juniper tree is thought to protect the home and livestock from predatory animals and vengeful spirits.

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So that was the symbolism of the Juniper tree explained. Hopefully, you will be able to use the Juniper tree’s symbolism to improve your own life and to bring you good fortune on your journey towards enlightenment.

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