Jupiter Retrograde – Feb – June 2017

Jupiter in Libra shifts into retrograde motion on Monday February 6, 2017 at 6:52 am UTC, beginning its’ five months’ long trek into the realm of redoing, reconnecting and realignment. It’s time to explore our beliefs (Jupiter) about relationships (Libra) and as with anything in astrology…so much more.

The sabian symbol for the Jupiter retrograde at 23 degrees of Libra is the `third wing on the left side of a butterfly.’ An extra wing on the delicate butterfly may look intriguing and even beautiful, but the lopsided appendage would handicap flight. This degree suggests imbalance, the unusual, and yes handicaps.


The symbol suggests overgrowth on the `left’ side.  Correspondingly, the present political climate, at least in the USA, reflects this growth of the left designed to temper the present right leaning power structure. People who never thought themselves to be `political’ have answered the call of the left’s agenda of inclusion, and have attended marches and demonstrations etc.

Politics aside, the butterfly sabian symbol corresponds nicely with the basic tenets of Jupiter’s symbolism; big, expansive, and overreaching. The confidence to expand, explore and grow has been activated in our personal charts since the Jupiter station into Libra September 2016. We are saying `yes!’ in a big way to where Libra falls in our charts. The problem is that too much `yes’, like an overblown butterfly wing, may actually hamper our process. 

The retrograde from February 6th until June 9th is our collective opportunity to discern what really matters in terms of  Jupiter’s gift’s (beliefs and philosophies), and to stem the tide of `over-growth’ and unrealistic expectations.

Jupiter/Sagittarius energy connects with all things legal, codified rules and regulations, `foreigners’, expansion, learning and education. On the brink of the retrograde the USA is awash with a backlash against President Trump’s executive order banning entry into the country from predominantly Muslim countries. The order is now being fought in the courts, and will likely be a drawn-out process during the retrograde period.

 No planet, of course, stands alone. This transit of Jupiter signals three major themes due to the following aspects:  1) me versus you, (the opposition to Uranus in Aries); 2) excessive power, (the square to Pluto in Capricorn) and 3) Forgiving the unforgivable, (quincunx to Neptune).

The opposition of Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in Aries begs the question; how can I relate with another who is so very different from me? How can we find a middle ground of balance within our relationships? How can I get my needs met while at the same time attend to my significant other in a meaningful and intimate way? One of the three exact oppositions of Jupiter/Uranus already occurred; December 27th 2016.


It was on this date that Libra Carrie Fischer died. The collective mourning turned to shock when, we learned her Aries mom, Debby Reynolds, literally died of a `broken heart’ the very next day. We subsequently learned of their struggles within their own mother-daughter relationship over the years which culminated into a sweet, devoted and close connection at the end of their lives together. Debby Reynolds’ son called their life and death a ‘love story.’

It’s easy to love someone who is `easy to love.’ The Jupiter/Uranus opposition brings into awareness issues of our beloved which are contrary to ourselves. The punchline is that we, too, have features which aren’t so attractive. Through the dynamic of the opposition we learn to truly empathize because opposing energy switches places. It’s the Tao of energy! The tug of war between planets in opposition   ultimately brings balance. The best-case scenario for the Jupiter/Uranus opposition is peace through the process of seeing self through the eyes of the other.

During the Jupiter retrograde we will be inspired to evaluate our closest relationships. Questions which may surface include; Am I giving too much? Have I placed too much emphasis on the altar of `togetherness?’ Even long-term partnerships may be subject to the reflective process of the retrograde. The first week of March is the second exact opposition of unpredictable Uranus and expansive Jupiter. Fragile relationships may break.

Even the best connections will be tested. Relationships which are not built upon the context of equality will be most vulnerable to change and even dissolution. The retrograde period signals a time of reflection upon the role of relationships; not necessarily a time of action.

Another effect of the retrograde is the feeling of `time tripping backwards’; a sense of nostalgia for the people and relationships that are no longer in our lives. We may find ourselves wanting to reconnect with friends and lovers from our past.

 The cardinal t-square continues in 2017 connecting the researcher of dark secrets, Pluto, with truth-seeking Jupiter and eccentric Uranus. The simple square of Pluto and Uranus has already threatened the world’s power elite structures since 2012. Now with Jupiter entering the fray there are more shake-ups ahead reflecting even greater changes and revelations.

With Jupiter retrograde, we can expect a re-doing, reexamination and reconsideration of the events when Jupiter first tipped its’ toes into Libra in September of 2016.  One month after Jupiter entered Libra, and nine days following Pluto’s station direct the world heard from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange; his group would be releasing thousands of leaked emails leading up to the U.S. election. And so he did; thousands of correspondence linking the Clinton foundation to questionable alliances, and thousands of odd emails attributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta.

Among Podesta’s emails was a confirmation email from Marina Abramovic, inviting Podesta to a `spirit cooking party.’ Performance artist Abramovic is known for mimicking cannibalism interspersed with bloody occult symbolism during her artistic gatherings.

A `spirit cooking party’, according to her, blends semen and breast milk. The Podesta emails also contained strange references to `pizza’ in a way which was out of context; pizza parties, pizza handkerchiefs, pizza this and that. A furor arose by some, and was quickly abated, suggesting that `pizza’ was a nefarious code word for pedophilia.

There probably isn’t a crime darker than the exploitation of children. This is the ultimate dark theme of `excessive power.’  During the retrograde period of Jupiter until June 9th, and especially during the exact square from March 29th through April 4th, we may witness the reexamination of such crimes.

Several child actors including Elijah Wood of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Corey Feldman of the film, `Stand by Me’ have recently come forward with allegations concerning the `pedophile epidemic’ in Hollywood. Fact or fantasy, we may hear more of the darkest, (Pluto in Capricorn) and most bizarre, (Uranus in Aries) side of human relationships (Jupiter in Libra) during the cardinal t-square period in 2017.

The third theme during the Jupiter retrograde period, that of `forgiving the unforgivable’, is represented by the continued quincunx of Jupiter to Neptune, with an exact aspect on May 17th.  Since this occurs during the Jupiter retrograde period we may revisit how we were feeling during the last exact quincunx of October 23rd 2016. 

The quincunx is known as the `adjustment’ aspect. This aspect is often the most difficult to personally navigate, as, two planets at 150 degrees can’t connect; it’s as though they speak two different languages and come from radically different backgrounds.

Jupiter represents our faith, our beliefs, our politics, while Neptune represents transcendence and the style of vision which can take us there. The best example of the on-going quincunx is the fall-out following the American election.

It’s as though Trump supporters and Trump detractors live on totally different planets. Neither `side’ can comprehend the other. The aftermath of the election has divided friends and families to an onerous degree.  Being `neutral’ concerning the Trump isn’t tolerated from either side of the fence.

This is where the expansive generosity of Jupiter colliding with Neptune’s divinity calls us to do the unfathomable; forgive the unforgiveable. The retrograde Jupiter may inspire us to learn more, connect more, and repair the fences which surround our contacts who `don’t think as we do.’ Retrograde Jupiter may just inspire us to be bigger minded when it comes to dealing with anyone who does not share our beliefs.

 In summary, I offer some cookbook style suggestions to reflect upon during the Jupiter retrograde:

Aries: Re-think ways to enhance your ability to relate with your significate others,  while keeping a keen eye on any career power games as you invoke your highest spiritual principals.

Taurus: Re-commit to healthy living; diet, exercise and self-care as you avoid manipulating other’s opinions, as you align yourself with loving and spiritual friends.

Gemini: Re-ignite the passion which makes you happy including hobbies or creative pursuits while you keep your financial contracts transparent and above board. Bring a sense of service into your career path.

Cancer: Re-do your domestic situation; remodel, deep clean and connect with relatives you’ve lost contact with, while freeing yourself from manipulation games with your significant other. Make plans to go on that `dream vacation.’


Leo: Re-connect with your siblings. Reestablish your schedule to meet your growing need to be organized and productive. Establish fitness goals and stick to them, and at the same time, give a voice to your spiritual yearnings.

Virgo: Review your income potential so that you are attracting the prosperity reflective of your hard work. Avoid time wasters, or, demands which zap your creativity as you expect the best from your partners.

Libra: Realize your many gifts and celebrate them, while avoid being a victim of any family members manipulating your time. Align yourself with your ideal job.

Scorpio: Reconnect with your inner muse as you retreat within yourself; meditate and pray. Avoid being manipulated by negative words or messages. Connect with your creative genius.

Sagittarius: Reconnect with your friends and social groups; be willing to find your `tribe’. Be mindful of your values as you pursue your financial goals. Create a sense of spiritual harmony at home.

Capricorn: Recommit to your career goals with confidence and strength. Avoid overwork and taxing your energy as you make time for reflection and time management.

Aquarius: Examine your religious and philosophical beliefs as you authentically `walk your talk.’ Don’t allow others to drain your batteries; retreat into your sacred place. Clearly examine your financial goals.

Pisces: Recommit to your spiritual practices for deep psychological understanding and transformation. Avoid friends who guilt you for time and attention. Celebrate your inspired vision for the future.

Jupiter retrograde in Libra invites us to go within to and explore what we believe and the integrate our philosophies in order to find a sense of peace and balance within a most chaotic and demanding world! Happy Retrograde!

Source: Cosmic Intelligence Agency

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