Karmic Love Relationships – Learning Your Lessons

Karmic love relationships are the romances we have with other members of our “soul group,” which is the group of people with whom we share an underlying soul pattern.

They are our closest relatives on an energy level, and through them, we learn many lessons.

But they can also be difficult times in your life because of these lessons, so be prepared, it is an essential step to making the most of them.

Types Of Karmic Relationships

There are a few types of karmic relationships that you will experience.

The most positive ones in terms of how they make you feel are the ones where you work together to work through issues and gain the wisdom available by doing so.

A shared sense of mission characterizes these – you feel as though you are learning a lot from them, and they are learning a lot from you.

Partnerships like this fizzle out once you internalize the available wisdom.  We see this happen as this is the glue that holds you together.

A more common type is tumultuous, passionate and raw. In these relationships you will find yourselves arguing a lot, constantly clashing in new, exciting and frustrating ways.

This partner challenges you. Your improvements come from criticism and wanting to avoid judgment, with a lot of emphasis on developing your patience.

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These go out with a bang. Someone always gets hurt when these partnerships end.

The third significant type is one in which you learn the hardest lessons.

These relationships will seem substantial and you will feel like you are making real progress.

But they are short lived. For one reason or another, the universe conspires to keep you apart.

The self-knowledge and emotional skills you learn here will be more to do with dealing with loss, rejection, and heartbreak.

Purpose Of Karmic Relationships

The purpose of karmic relationships is to present you with the lessons you need to learn on your spiritual journey.

Throughout your life, you will experience these and gain the wisdom that applies most to you.

Every person is different, so everybody’s lessons are different.

It is through this process that you can align your energy with the ideal, raising your vibrations as you move towards enlightenment.

There is another purpose, though.

Your final karmic love relationship will be with your twin flame — one purpose of the karmic ties that come before it is to prepare you for it.

The difference between the lessons you learn with all of your other partners and your twin flame is that with your twin flame, you are concentrated entirely on moving forward.

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Before you get there, you have to deal with the issues, traumas, and wounds from your past.

By going through these partnerships, riding out the lows and smiling through the highs, you cleanse yourself of your past trauma by facing the burdens that have stuck with you.

And you will be helping to do the same for them, as you both continue onwards along your unique, separate spiritual journeys.

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