Not every relationship leads to fairy tale ending. Sometimes, it was difficult to define why you are still with the person when nothing works out perfectly. You spend most of your nights crying or arguing. There are very few moments of happiness and sadness conquers all no matter how hard you try. If this is happening to you, then surely you are in a karmic relationship.

The karmic relationship meaning is vast. This relation doesn’t last and always makes some spiritual changes in you. This relationship moulds you and leads to improvement only when you let it go. Here are 8 signs that show you are in a karmic relationship.

Karmic Relationship Meaning

#1: Selfishness

Selfishness is the top sign of a karmic relationship. In this relation, your partner is more focused on his own needs. You are never the priority which leads to selfishness in making decisions.  Only self-interest serves as the key ingredient for carrying on the relation.

#2: Repeated Patterns

There is always the same kind of pattern in karmic relationships. For instance, you fight over the same issue, again and again, you break up and then get back together and then again break up, one is generous while other is selfish, and so on. If you are facing same problems over and over again, then it’s a karmic relationship.

#3: Addiction

Strong attraction and fierce addiction are always there. Even though the relation feels wrong, but the habit remains. It is just like addiction to any drug; you know that you are doing wrong, but you want it no matter what. These relationships are not sexual at the beginning, but the idea of leaving each other’s sight doesn’t feel right. There’s uneasiness in the absence of the partner.

#4: Bipolar Mess

When one night, you make love and want to stay, and the very next day you just want to leave because you are fighting again over the same issue, then this surely is a sign of karmic relationship. There are more hot days than cold in these relationships, and you spend most of your time in fighting and complaining.

#5: Instant Connection

At first, they feel like a first sight love. In the room full of strangers, that person seems less strange. You become comfortable with each suddenly. It seems like destiny that you two are together. But as the relationship progresses, things start to change. No matter how much you try to make things right, it always remains a mess.

#6: Sense of Dependency

You feel dependent on the person. You are unable to make your own decisions like you used to. You feel physically and emotionally dependent.

#7: Obsession:

In this relationship, you are so obsessed with your partner that you always want to be with them. When you are not together, you want to know what they are doing. You want the report of every single minute. It is all because you have the sense of insecurity. You feel like that they may leave you and thus, you are taking all the precautionary measures to stay together.

#8: Destructive Behavior   

Karmic relationships are abusive in one way or another. They could lead to physical or mental abusing. In some cases, substance abuse also becomes the part of the relationship. The negative feeling is always there that destroys you.

The Take Home Message:

Respect yourself and your feelings and don’t let others destroy you. If you have learned the true karmic relationship meaning, then you will let it go instantly. Know the mistakes you have made in this relationship so that you can have the better relationship in the future.

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