A karmic relationship is an emotionally taxing and seemingly romantic relationship.

Most Karmic relationships are filled with issues, including physical and emotional abuse, manipulation and control.

Love but not quite

It might feel as if you’re madly in love, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You’re actually under the deceptive control of the illusion of love.

At times, it makes you believe that your relationship is worth clinging on to even though it has turned into an overwhelming and emotionally draining monster.

And when you do muster up the courage to break up with your Karmic partner, he/she does something to make you stay.

They might say some conciliatory words or appeasing remarks that make you rethink your decision.

A Means of Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

Karmic relationships serve to break patterns. For instance, if you have a history of failed relationships, you’ll seek a partner to break that pattern.

Your real intention should be to find love, not to mend the habits of your past.

A Necessary Step towards True Love

Think of Karmic relationships as a necessary transition to true love. True love follows most Karmic relationships.

This is because they teach us that we’re worthy of so much more than we’re currently settling for. They open our eyes to the reality, teaching us to distinguish between real and fleeting love.

Purpose of Karmic Relationships:

Karmic relationships serve one purpose, spiritual growth. We’ve all faced emotional setbacks, childhood traumas, terrible tragedies, rejection and a series of never-ending sufferings.

They have made us believe that we’re unworthy of love or we’re only deserving of the wrong kind of love. Karmic relationships are a great way to heal these emotional conflicts and misunderstandings.

The anguish they make us go through helps us to ascend and raise our vibration. And when we become spiritually enlightened and evolved, we only accept the love we truly deserve. We refuse to settle for tepid love.

Can Karmic Relationships Work?

Having functional Karmic relationships is impossible. No matter what you do, some things are never meant to end well. But, it’s important to learn the lessons they’re trying to teach us.

If your Karmic relationship is abusive and emotionally tolling, it means that in the future, you should never cling on to someone who makes you feel like this.

One thing that Karmic relationships teach us is endurance.

Life as a whole is an act of perseverance. When we’ve learnt to remain poised in rough times, we’ve mastered life. And that’s precisely what Karmic relationships are trying to teach us.

Karmic relationship healing

Technically, you can’t heal a Karmic relationship. People that cling on to this bond, despite being hurt continuously and neglected end up exacerbating their plights.

You can only heal a Karmic relationship if you gather the courage to break free from the cycle and decide to find solace in your loneliness.

When a partner decides that they will no longer let their lover destroy their peace, they initiate the process of spiritual enlightenment.

So the only way to heal a Karmic relationship is to break it off. This gives you an opportunity to set your vision on true love.

If you’re not willing to extricate yourself from the spiritual slums of your Karmic relationship, you’ll never grow enough to deem yourself worthy of the right kind of love.

A relationship is supposed to be emotionally liberating, not mentally constricting. It should propel you towards new avenues and give you ample opportunity to discover your hidden potential.

If a relationship is anything but that, it’s not worth fighting for. And the healing process will never start until you decide to search for something that is going to have a positive influence in your life.

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