Not being able to get a full night’s sleep can be one of the most frustrating things in your life. But if you are regularly waking up at 5 am, this might be more than simple insomnia.

There is much this can tell you about your current well-being.

Meridians that run through your body are active at different times of the day, so when you wake up at 5 am it is the 5 am meridian that could hold the clue to your problem.

Always Waking Up During The Night

People who 5 am wake up at a specific time of night or early morning without meaning to are often dealing with problems that they aren’t entirely aware.

If the times you wake up are random hours, then this is probably not the case.

That is probably just stress-induced insomnia – we recommend improving your sleep hygiene, and using lavender oils and scents for their sleep-inducing properties.

If it is always 5 am then the issue is down to one of three things:

Waking Up At 5 am: Diet & Digestion

Different times of the day are associated with specific bodily functions. 5 am falls within the hours that deal with diet, nutrition and the digestive system.

The first remedy you should try is to improve your diet.

Keep your meals regular, as well as your bathroom habits. Fruits, cereals and fibres are wonderful for the digestive tract and should help to alleviate any physical problems causing you to wake up at 5 am.

Waking Up At 5 am: Self-Esteem Valley

It is also around 5 am that the mind evaluates your love relationships and your related feelings of self-worth.

If you’re waking up at 5 am every day then it could be due to low self-esteem. Part of you feels undeserving of the love and praise that you receive.

One sign of this is if you notice – or others point out – that you are overly self-critical.

While it is great to set high standards for yourself, it is just as crucial for you to recognize that everyone makes mistakes.

Not being perfect is not a reason to criticise yourself.

Waking Up At 5 am: Enjoy Your Progress

Finally, 5 am is near the peak of metaphysical energy availability and waking up at 5 am can have a soul-level meaning.

You are reaching new heights on your journey and have made excellent progress.

However, in your zeal and because of your high standards for yourself, you have yet to reap the benefits of what you have sewn.

It is time for you to get some more joy in your life. Be less hard on yourself, smile more and worry less.

Doing this is easier said than done – we’re well aware of that!

One thing you can do to try to fix this issue is to start your day with self-affirmation.

Remind yourself of your strengths, put a smile on your face by indulging yourself a little, and remember the most complementary things people have said to you.

After all, the world is a hard enough place as it is. Don’t make it even harder for yourself.