[button-green url=”https://www.facebook.com/steven.vanderminne” target=”_self” position=”left”]Guest Post | By Steven van der Minne[/button-green]There is no single best kisser in the zodiac. It depends on the soul connection, your mood, your needs, and more. Since we are curious beings, I just came with the idea to list the characteristics.

Of course, it is not just the sun sign but also the ascendant, may be even more, or the position of the moon, especially for males who developed their feminine side.


A kiss is a promise, not just the prelude to sex, but the first attempt to release the ego. Ego starts, Self takes over after a while. This is the spiritual beauty of kissing.

And yes, of course these are stereotypes, so please read this with a wink 😉


You get what you expect. It may be passionate, but it is rather fierce and straightforward, signalling just one thing, which is getting somewhere intimate, even with some of your clothes on.

As far as Aries is concerned, it never stops. They go on until they notice a flaw with their partner.


No hard feelings, come again tomorrow. Being subtle a a waste of time for Aries. o not start any romantic chat, or Aries is gone. Aries is always in the lead, which may be hard for some ego-minded male partners of other signs.


Go slowly. Take your time. It is too sensual to be passionate, enjoying every movement, the feeling why Taurus has come to this planet in the first place (besides eating).

Taurus may stop, for a little while and for a refreshment, then continue. You may already be out of breath by then, for some people the ideal way to pass away.

Taurus has the best stamina and is never bored with kissing. The partner may be bored when this partner lacks subtleties, and may counteract by stimulating Taurus’s senses.


Easygoing, going along with your flow, whether it is passion or sensuality, just a light version. Gemini likes to play and to change roles, to be like the partner, whatever his or her sign, reversing the roles once more after a few seconds.

They never bore and never get bored, they just stop and start to talk.

Then you may need to wait for some time, but a subtle hint can get Gemini back into the exchange that doesn’t need any words, which proves quite a challenge for Gemini. Please note: Gemini likes challenges.


Now you have found the most serious kisser. Cancer may kiss as long as there is water in the ocean.

The kiss exalts and always makes you long for more. And there is more, as long as Cancer feels safe. Cancer is in the lead, like all capital signs, but in a subtle way.

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Cancer wants to keep, even to drag the partner, who may go along, which is a test, really. If kisses make them long for more, it is fine, but if they feel like they need to get the hell out, they’d rather go immediately to avoid any further emotional damage.


Leo is the very best in the universe, at least in Leo’s perception. Leo is the king among the kissers, showing passion with elegance, sensuality with gratitude, as Leo would purr if he or she were a cat.

There is nothing to argue about, even when the kissing stops. Be obedient and Leo may resume, expecting you to return Leo’s favour.

Leo will never let you down except for betrayal, in love, in business or in politics. You are with them or against them; there is no middle way. Kissing is being with them, definitely.


Virgo is full of surprises. You’d expect a brief kiss and a wipe of the tissue, the stereotype. Nothing is further from the truth. Kissing Virgo is being introduced to Earth, with all flavours and perfumes, in a light and straightforward way.

Every kiss feels like it is the first kiss, exploring, Virgo’s major virtue. Virgo is the best in class when it comes to learning.

Virgo’s purpose in kissing is clear, letting go while challenging you to let go and serve the universe. Virgo can be relentless in kissing, provided that there is a stable bond.


Never really trust a Libra. Libra may get the identity of the other significant self, explore and take over. Libra can be fiercer than Aries, only for a while, but showing a mental superiority.

Libra can be sensual like Taurus, but subtle. Too playful to be romantic and too romantic to be playful, going in every sense to please its partner while leading the way.

Libra can be faithful, but is also deceiving while hungry for attention. The only way to get along with Libra the way you want, apart from being another Libra, is to be surprising over and over again.


If any sign has invented the kiss, it is Scorpio. Kissing you to death is not a bad thing; it is the greatest gift Universe has bestowed on Scorpio.

It is all passion, grace, sensuality, the universe and beyond. While Scorpio can be aggressive and even vengeful, the kiss reveals surrender only.

Scorpio is the absolute master, a virtue that has one flaw. Non-Scorpions can’t level up, and are considered primitive, stupid, flippant, non-committal, or without a backbone.

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Judgement may get the better of Scorpio, at any time, but not during the kiss, at least: Scorpio will never show.


Passion master in everything, from waking up, making breakfast, going into nature and of course kissing. Passion above all else defines quality.

Passion inviting and challenging the partner to show even more passion, unlike a competition, is a role play exposing the divine fire that is the core of Sagittarius.


Kiss a Sagittarius and you will burn, revive, counter, burn again etc. You never knew you were alive, until you kiss a Sagittarius.

You may wish to die and to come alive once more, only with the divine fiery kiss. Kiss a Sagittarius, forget the world, and you will never die.


A Capricorn kiss is earned. It may be a gift, to encourage you, but you need to work hard for more. Or a kiss is the work itself, building a partnership forever.

Capricorn is most dedicated in kissing. It is the best it can give, may be the only vulnerability. Capricorn has perseverance and stamina, even more than Taurus.

Capricorn is in the lead, and may clash where others want to lead, since they are not qualified to the Capricorn level of kissing. Once Capricorn seals its love with a kiss, you are entitled to join in all heights and depths.


You can get everywhere with Aquarius, except for telling what to do when. Kissing is easy, light, gentle, almost technical to the point that nothing else matters… for the moment.

Aquarius likes to play a subtle game: are you fooling me of am I fooling you? Probably both. There is a sense of humour in kissing Aquarius, a sense of enlightenment, you both cease to exist for a while.

Aquarius is free, respectful, and expects you to be the same. If you do, Aquarius will share the water of life. If you don’t, it will dry out and Aquarius will go somewhere else, without any regret or remorse.


Pisces kisses are the deepest and the most beautiful. They are the song of the birds, the humming of the bees, the waterfall rushing silently and melodiously day and night.

Pisces kissing never ends, as long as Pisces is in its element. However, when not at ease, it may be the coldest creature ever, behaving like a shark, defending a long lost dream of total harmony with the universe.

Avoid that. Since Pisces is prone to give in, give in yourself. In case or a disturbance in the water, do not give up. Swim against the current, with a marvellous Pisces kiss as your reward.

Author: Steven van der Minne, follow him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/steven.vanderminne

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