Individual differences are always present among us. When we are given different choices, it is more likely that we select an entirely different thing from our friend.

Our pick can tell us many things about ourselves. Psychologists have developed 6-feather personality test to detect the secrets of your personality.


To know more about yourself select one feather to uncover your personality traits.

Feather#1: Orange

Creativity and imagination are the most significant parts of your personality with a strong character. People often consider you to be bossy.

You expect a lot from others and thus get upset from time to time because people don’t fulfil your expectations.

You value your dreams and want to achieve them, and the best part is you have all the energy needed to attain your goals.

Feather#2: Purple

You are gifted with extraordinary learning abilities. You amaze people around you by your capacity of learning complicated things without any problem.


Your thirst for learning is ongoing, and thus, it affects your life and relationships. You are unable to fulfil your commitments with your loved ones because you prefer learning over everything else.

There are people in your life who understand your love of learning and support you through everything; don’t lose those people.

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Feather#3: Yellow

Explosive is the word that indeed describes you. You are known to be a multitasking person who wants to remain busy with more projects rather than completing a single one.

As you are not focused on one thing, you feel diffused. Handling many things at a time satisfies you.

Feather#4: Pink

Many people want to achieve their goals alone, but you like to involve other people to attain them.

You make allies because you think that the success of others will become your achievement as well. You are good with people and respect them. You help others so that you will get their help in return.

Feather#5: Black

Artistic and creative are the two labels that the world gives you. You use your amazing artistic skills to express yourself.

Painting, writing, carving, no matter which medium you select, you make unique pieces that astonish others.


You have a real gift and you should trust your skills. When you have faith in your work, you will be able to do magic. If you want success in life, believing and trusting yourself is essential.

Feather#6: Blue

You are a very independent person who is known for their unique traits. Even when you require help, you try to do things on your own because you don’t want to burden others.

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Also, you don’t want others to think that you owe them because they have helped you. You are a person who doesn’t lie and you hate liars.

As you are a straightforward person, you have a circle of real friends around you. Society sees you as a trustworthy person and respects you.

Your choice of a feather may vary from time to time because it depends on your current mood. Changes in your spiritual level will also affect your selection.

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