Known Reptilian Traits In Humans

Based on the Sumerian stories, the alien race known as the Anunnaki genetically altered our genes and created three version of what we now recognize as mankind. The Anunnaki themselves have reptilian genetics as they were intermixing with their masterpiece creations.

Nobody has yet to understand how our dna was manipulated. Relating to this article: Scientific Theories Suggest Alien Dna In Humans, it’s understood that our dna is very different from primates. 145 genes in the human dna are not from our ape ancestors and many believe our dna has alien origin. The Sumerian story does make sense as we slowly uncover our origin.



The following are reptilian traits in humans you may recognize, please remember having these reptilian traits does not make you or anyone else a bad person.

7 Reptilian Traitsreptilian-traits

1. Core of our brain is Reptilian

The first reptilian traits would be our brain, the core of our brian is reptilian, you see there are three parts to our brain. The Neocortex first assumed very important in primates and evident with its two large hemisphere which play dominant roles, they are responsible for language, thought, imagination and consciousness, the neocortex has infinite learning capabilities.

The limbic brain first emerged in mammals and it records behaviors either agreeable or disagreeable, in humans it is responsible for emotions. The limbic brain is where our unconscious behaviors come from. The oldest is the reptilian brain, this laser sharp and accurate brain is responsible for our bodies major functions like breathing, temperature, balance and heart rate. The structure of this brain is found in reptiles, although very reliable and accurate but very rigid, our survival instinct do or die comes from this brain.reptilian traits 2

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In the modern day, war and control are all about survival, power.. who gets to live? It all stems from our reptilian brain.

2. Lower body temperatures

Reptiles prefer warmer temperatures as they are cold blooded, the same is true for reptilians as well.

3. Low blood pressure

As reptiles have low blood pressure than any other mammals, the same applies with reptilians as well.

4. Extra vertebra

In rare cases people are born with an extra vertebra, also known as transitional vertebra.

5. Sensitive to light

Another reptilian traits, is that they are sensitive to light just like the gecko who hides during the day and comes out at night.



6. RH Blood type

About 5% of the worlds populations has this blood type, it was first introduced to earth about 35,000 years ago.

7. Absence of Empathy

Some reptiles will kill their own if it’s needed. This is already happening in our world, cannibalism, again this stems from our reptilian brain. This happens a lot within the roman catholic church. Reptilians have no compassion for life and exist to survive any way they can, just like the rigid reptile brain, it finds no other way.

Even though we may have these traits, universal consciousness keeps us together, we remember not to fall for the illusions. The reptilians in power fear most is the togetherness of universal love and unity.

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