Among the most transformative and life-changing experiences in our life is the Kundalini awakening – for those of us who are fortunate enough to experience it.

Kundalini awakening can have drastic and sudden effects both with our physical and mental selves as well as with our spiritual selves.

But what is the Kundalini awakening process? And how can we bring it about?

Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini refers to the coil of life energy that exists at the base of the spine at birth and remains there – awakening not forthcoming – until death when it is released back into the universe.

Awakening can happen to anybody, but it is primarily the reserve of people who engage in regular spiritual practice, as well as those who experience disruptive or traumatic life events.

The latter of these is rarer but can be the most drastic regarding transformation over a short period.

During awakening, the Kundalini uncoils and spreads up the body, through the gut to the heart, then up through the throat and around the back of the head to the crown.

This process can happen in moments, but it usually takes longer than that and in some cases has been found to take years. It is unknown why there is such variability in the length of time this process takes.

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When this energy spreads through the body, it is untying the knots of the psyche and clearing any blockages or tightness in the chakras and energy centres of the subtle body.

There are a lot of symptoms we might experience during awakening, though most are to do with the unblocking and full activation of the seven chakras, with which we should all be familiar if we wish to attain Kundalini awakening.

How To Awaken The Kundalini

The best way to achieve Kundalini awakening is through spiritual practice. In fact, there is simply no easy way to achieve it without putting in the hard work.

Some people experience awakening after trauma and other disruptive events, but these people are often in for a bad ride because of the lack of preparation they have been able to make.

To make this process as smooth as possible, we should work through meditative and yogic practices to activate, clear and open our seven subtle body chakras, and pay attention to our auric energies so that we can keep them as clean as possible.

Once we are sufficiently attuned to our higher selves, the Kundalini awakening process can begin. From here, it is just a matter of patience.

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The fact is that there is no sure-fire way to bring about Kundalini awakening at any given time.

The spiritual energies at work do not abide by our personal timetables but instead to the timeframe of the universal ascension process.

All we can do is tend to our spiritual selves, progress along our spiritual journey, and be as mindful as we can.