Kundalini awakening can have many effects on the body.  One of which is your ears ringing.

But why would kundalini awakening cause your ears to ring? And what other weird symptoms might you experience during kundalini awakening, and why?

Let’s take a look at the effects kundalini awakening has on the body.

Kundalini Awakening Ringing Ears

When we undergo kundalini awakening, a whole load of extra spiritual energy begins to flow through our system.

It is this energy that drives the unfurling of the kundalini energy and helps it to form through our subtle body.

During this process, our primary chakra energy centres are overloaded with energy and become over-activated.

When our ears are ringing during kundalini awakening, it is because of an overactive throat or third eye chakras.

Extra energy flow at unfamiliarly high vibrational frequencies causes these two energy centres to split at the seams, causing symptoms like ear ringing.

The most likely chakra responsible for this ear ringing is the third eye chakra as it has domain over perception and the senses.

But it might also be caused by an overactive throat chakra as this has domain over communication.

Kundalini Awakening Ringing Ears And Other Symptoms

The best way to understand the symptoms of kundalini awakening is to journey through the chakras.

Root Chakra

In the root chakra, we may feel increased levels of anxiety. Even the jitters! This chakra deals with our survival impulses.

So an overactive root chakra caused by kundalini awakening can result in us feeling overwhelmed by fear and the need to survive.

Sacral Chakra

In the sacral chakra, we can suffer from problems with self-indulgence.

We might overeat, drink too much or fall to addiction.

Overactivity during kundalini awakening causes the sacral chakra to make us obsessed with the base pleasures in life.

Solar Plexus Chakra

In the solar plexus chakra, we are consumed by the ego.

We overidentify with our own needs over the needs of others and can become greedy and unsympathetic.

When kundalini awakening makes the solar plexus chakra overactive, we become selfish and ego driven.

Heart Chakra

In the heart chakra, we suffer the opposite. We needlessly indulge in self-sacrifice in the pursuit of love, we give things up that we shouldn’t.

Kundalini awakening can cause the heart chakra to be overactive. Causing us to be consumed by our need to love and be loved.

Throat Chakra

In the throat chakra, we find difficulties in communicating.

We talk too much and listen too little, lose our filter and begin to babble. All while not really communicating what we intend to.

Overactivity makes us brash in conversation and bad at listening.

Third Eye Chakra

In the third eye chakra, we are buried in our senses.

We suffer from ear ringing as mentioned, but also blurred vision, light sensitivity, auditory hallucinations and all sorts of other sensory overloads.

Crown Chakra

And finally, in the crown chakra, we do not suffer from the overactivity.

In fact, kundalini awakening only allows us to access the spirituality inherent in the crown chakra.

But for a hot second, we can feel what it is like to be genuinely connected to the spiritual plane through our crown chakra.

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