Kundalini Energy Twin Flame: The Kundalini energy flows through the seven primary chakras of our subtle body and can be profoundly affected by our twin flame.

Many people experience a whole host of Kundalini changes when they meet their twin flame.

So let’s take a look at how the twin flame relationship can affect our Kundalini energy.

Kundalini Energy

The Kundalini is often represented as a snake.

This is because it begins coiled up like a serpent at the base of the spine until it is awakened, at which point it starts to uncurl and slither up the subtle body through each of the seven primary chakras.

Fully mastering the Kundalini leads to ascension. But mastery is not possible until it is fully awakened.

Kundalini Awakening

There are a few ways to achieve Kundalini awakening.

The most common way throughout history has been through meditation and dedication to spiritual advancement.

For a long, long time Kundalini awakening was the preserve of monks and innately gifted.

But since the era of the twin flame began, a shortcut has been discovered.

See, all we need for our Kundalini to begin to awaken is to raise our vibrations.

When we meet with our twin flame, that happens automatically.

Twin Flame Meeting Awakens Kundalini

When we meet our twin flame for the first time, our energies go through the roof.

This is the Kundalini awakening. But why?

Well, twin flames are split from the same soul, mirror expressions of it in the physical plane.

But the two halves of that soul yearn to be together, joined again as one.

This manifests in the silver cord – the beam of spiritual energy that connects twin flames by the heart chakra.

In close proximity, the connection concentrates the flow of energy between twin flames and pumps a whole load of new energy into both.

And the Kundalini jolts awake.

This new energy raises the vibrational frequency of both twin flames, and this forces the Kundalini up and through the primary chakras, activating them as it goes.

This effect can last just a moment or much, much longer.

But what is left after this twin flame meeting is an activated subtle body.

To continue the process within the twin flame relationship, we continue to raise our vibrations by learning karmic lessons from each other.

And we work on ourselves, of course. Each one of those seven primary chakras need to be balanced. There are guides on this site to help you.

The after effects of this Kundalini awakening and subtle body activation can last a few weeks.

We might feel tingly, energetic, more sociable and just in a better mood in general.

It takes a while for the burst of energy from the twin flame meeting to dissipate.

And remember: Our twin flame holds the key to achieving full Kundalini awakening.

Travelling with them on this spiritual journey, raising our vibrations and doing some soul learning – it might even make us feel those after effects forever.