Kundalini Rising With Your Twin Flame

Within every one of us is a coil of energy called the kundalini, and when we meet our twin flame we might experience an uncoiling of that energy – in other words, we undergo a kundalini rising.

Some call this a kundalini awakening. Don’t worry about the different terms used; they mean virtually the same thing.


We prefer kundalini awakening to signify the beginning of the process of kundalini rising, but the two can be used interchangeably without too much confusion.

So what is the process of kundalini rising and how does your twin flame factor into it?

Kundalini Rising

When the kundalini is awakened and begins to rise through the subtle body, we are leaving behind our life as a purely physical being and dipping a toe into the waters of the spiritual world.

This new energy activates our higher chakras, untethering us from our incarceration within our lower chakras – though we will always have them and need to remain on top of problems within them.

The energy lays dormant within the root chakra at the base of the spine until it is awakened.


It then slowly rises through each of the seven primary chakras and activates them, pumping new higher frequency vibrations through each energy centre in our body.

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This is a necessary step towards achieving enlightenment, as it provides us with the tools we need to do our spiritual work – the spiritual work that will eventually bring us oneness with the universe.

There are a few ways to bring about a kundalini rising. The easiest, and by far the most common, is to encounter our twin flame.

Twin Flames & Kundalini Flow

There’s something special about the twin flame relationship.

It’s unique. We have only one twin flame, a pair of beacons set afloat in the endless void of the universe, yearning to be together to bring some light into the place.

We are deeply connected at the core level of our being – our shared soul, from which we were both created.

The effect twin flames have on each other is astounding.

The power of the spiritual connection joining twin flames is such that a simple meeting can leave them both reeling for days or even weeks afterwards.

And it is through the twin flame relationship that we can undergo the process of kundalini rising.

For some, the first meeting can unblock that energy dam. The rush of the first meeting of your twin flame can cause the locked up energy in the root chakra to explode into the rest of the body.

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For others, it is a more gradual process.

But by far the most effective way is through the twin flame sexual union.

The consummation of the twin flame relationship is a profoundly spiritual event, probably the most spiritual event to date in your life. It is described as truly life-changing, even miraculous.

The feeling of being one with your twin flame will bring out in you the soul’s deepest desire to be one on the spiritual plane.

Through this mechanism, the twin flame sexual union is almost guaranteed to trigger kundalini rising.

So if you want to get on to the next part of your spiritual journey, if you’re going to unlock the power that resides within you, the answer might lie with your twin flame.

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