Healing Kundalini Syndrome: Effective Tips

Kundalini Syndrome: Kundalini is a yoga practice that aids the body in awakening of energy believed to be a coiled serpent at the base of the spine.

The process is obtained by meditation exercises and results to movement of this energy to the brain and also is believed to purify the 6 chakras. The energy is believed to bring about more awareness thus leading to more consciousness.


However just as anything else too much of something is dangerous and therefore too much energy in the body has its cons and they may include;


-Sexual over arousal

-Shaking of the body

-Change in body temperature i.e too much of the change,too cold or too hot

-Experiencing hallucinations such as hearing voices.


The above symptoms signify the presence of the kundalini syndrome in the body and may therefore be treated in several ways as mentioned below;


Controlling the excess energy means stopping awakening of more energy in the body so as to give a chance to deal with the existing excess.The process must also be stopped as it signifies that the whole process being used is not balanced and not health effective. A better meditation plan should be made to correct whatever one might be doing wrong.


Exercise,especially physical one,is a good way to deal with too much energy in the body. Physical exercise brings a way for the body to utilize the excess energy and in a way its seen to fight anxiety in the body. Anxiety is one of the major negative side effects of the syndrome and since relaxation is required by the body to fight it,anxiety must be reduced. Exercise can also reduce over sensitivity issues of the body.

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Relaxation exercises can also be very effective and swimming is a very effective sport for body relaxation.


Stimulants are an effective way of bringing positive energy to the human body but in the case of kundalini such energy should be avoided.The body should be in a relaxed state to deal with the syndrome thus stimulants which include beverages, foods and drugs must be avoided.

examples include; alcohol,coffee,tea


A healthy diet is required for any normal body to function.However for those suffering from the kundalini syndrome a good healthy diet is mandatory. Putting the body in a healthy state is an effective way of dealing with the syndrome. In addition,consumption of good meals and full meals results to one feeling satisfied in the body and its observed that food can be a very good connection with nature. Connection with nature is a highly effective way of dealing with the syndrome as will be seen later in the text.kundalini syndrome 1


Too much energy in the body can be controlled by allowing the body to relax and thus giving ample time for the meditation process to be effective.Anxiety is observed to bring negative side effects to the yoga meditation process and thus leading to excess accumulation of energy which is not healthy to the body.

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Getting enough sleep is also a highly effective way of letting the energy generated to be fully utilized by the body thus reducing over accumulation of energy in the body.


Taking warm baths is also a good way of relaxing the body.


Nature is one of the most used ways of getting relaxation and a deep emotional connection.Whatever a person suffering from kundalini syndrome needs is a lot of relaxation and a connection with ones self. Connection with nature tends to bring down body energy levels to its required level.Connecting with nature can be done in several ways, they include;taking strolls around nature,staying close to trees which may be taking naps under trees and generally relaxing under trees.

Activities such as farming,gardening and even flower arrangement may lead to the desired connection with nature.

Some human activities that may lead to a connection to nature include ; construction,ground work etc


The kundalini syndrome is a sign that something is being done wrong and thus a trained instructor might be of help. They might be able to point out the wrong process and likely come up with a more effective health process.Instructors might be able to have personal ways of dealing with the syndrome out of experience.

Awakening kundalini energy is a recommended step but caution must be taken to prevent too much occurrence of energy.Consulting energy healers and trained people on how to undergo the process is highly necessary to avoid such body problems.


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