It has been known throughout history that numbers have significant meaning, understanding your twin flame numerology will be important for you.

However, know that numbers must communicate with you.

Great place to research your numerology number is here on this site NUMEROLOGY – The Vibration and Meaning of NUMBERS.

What you need to be aware of sync with numbers 11, 22, and 3.

Learning more about twin flame numerology

The number three is a simple version of number twelve. Within the twelfth dimension is where you were just a single soul.

The twelfth dimension is the place of God-consciousness, in the 11th is where your soul was split in half, which is at the basic intensity of energy.

The close relation to number 22 is 1111 and is the strongest of master numbers.

So why is 11:11 the twin flame number? Because the 11th dimension is where you were split into half, female and male parts as a single soul when the God Consciousnesses created you.twin flame numerology 3

Twin flame numerology and occurrences of 11’s

People who are in twin flame relationships, encounter the occurrences of 11’s in dates of meeting each other, birth dates, or constantly receive or see 11:11.

I am someone who believes that seeing 1111 is the significance of the great work we must do as twin flames here on Earth.

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Seeing 11:11 is the act of divine intervention. Also, this number is telling you to be aware of what may be real and what’s an illusion.

It’s our time to break through veils of illusion that have us destined to an unreal world.

You’ve been selected, you are prepared, to step right into a better reality.

To guide everyone into greater love, into a new greater way of being.

To ascend into Oneness from duality. Four us to ascend to oneness, the 11:11 is our bridge between oneness and duality and our pathway to the unknown.twin flame numerology

Sharing Life path numbers

Me and my twin flame share the same life path number of 11. It’s like we were both born on the same day.

When its added onto our life path number, together it reveals twelve, which is the simple version of 3.

We both exchanged numbers on the date it equaled to 11, also our cell numbers are simple and together adds up to 11.

There are many other similarities between her and me.


For twin flame numerology, look for syncs. I know everyone’s connection is different, the meaning of these things will be different for you.