This is The Spiritual Symbolism For Lemon

Lemon is a yellow coloured fruit of the small evergreen tree of the Rutaceae family. It has a distinctive sour taste that makes it an essential ingredient for many of our favourite food and drinks.

People have been using lemons for ages, but not for culinary use only. It has so many other benefits as well that just an awakened person could enjoy.

This little sun colour fruit has been long known to detoxify the body, but that’s not just it. Its detoxifying abilities are not restricted to body cleansing only; it’s also being used to clear away the negativities from the environment.

Throughout the ages, lemons have been used to fight negative energies. Various religions of the world believe that it holds a secret power.

The yellow colour of the lemon is the symbol of happiness and optimism. We could relate these two things with lemons as well, as they clear the negative energy away and bring happiness and joy.

Lemon is known as the natural cleanser that has the ability to purify things and increase love. It also has the power to heal. Lemon symbolizes human heart, love and light. It aids in accepting the changes in life and improves the sense of good fortune.

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Whether you want to cleanse your body or mind, lemon is a helpful agent. It clears the toxic substances from the body and detoxifies it. On the other hand, it cleanses away the negative energies and their impacts on the mind and makes your soul healthy.

Drinking lemon juice is one way to clean the toxic away from the body but how to clear away the negative energies by using lemons? One method to try is that you could add few drops of lemon in the water before you take a bath.

Using that lemon water and visualising the negative energy flushing away will help you get rid of the negative energies. When you feel burden and your aura feels like it has absorbed too much negativity, going for the lemon bath is the best thing to do.

People who know the correct use of lemons also place them at the entrance of their house and shop in the crystal glass filled with water. Lemon absorbs the negative energy that enters your place from outside and keeps the house clean.

All around the world, there are different ways of using lemon to clear negative energy. In some areas of the world, when someone becomes sick with negative energies, a lemon is moved from his head to toe several times, and then it is thrown away outside by cutting it into four pieces.

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It is also commonly believed that a house with the lemon tree could not get harmed from the negative energies at all. For that purpose, many people grow lemon at their home. It has been known that cutting lemon in four halves and throwing the pieces in the four sides of the room could clear the negative energy right away.

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