The 2017 Leo horoscope predicts that for the next year you will be dancing fast trying to keep up with all the changes going on in your life and life around you, especially in the work place and home life.

Leo, people feel comfortable in your company, and it’s likely you’re one of the best-liked people around. Able to stay focused when you really want to be, you set goals for yourself and go after them with plenty of energy and drive.


It wouldn’t be a surprise to find that an abundance of mirrors are used as decorative pieces in your Lion’s den. Leos do have a tendency to be vain, you know?

In spite of some self-inclined tendencies, you’re a generous and kind sort who is friendly and honest. Even though you can be a bit childish and smug at times, the world is a better place because of your tremendous glow and warmth.

Leos, you have a big heart and always wanted to be proud of your job/career and home life/family. But during this year you may not have all the control you are used to having to keep things the way you want them or like them to be.

No matter how hard you try to hang on to the old ways of life, things just aren’t going to stay the same during this year. You have to recognize that life is changing all around you. It’s not a matter of just throwing out an old couch or changing the theme furniture–it is about your feelings.

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Your feelings are going to under go a traumatic change. These changes could be for the better, but my hunch is that they won’t seem to be the best changes in your way of thinking.


Your Leo pride and golden vibe sets you roaring into 2017 as on February 23, 2017 a Lunar Eclipse appears in your 1st. You’ll be only too aware of what others are reflecting back at you now. Is how they see you how you see yourself? Or alternatively, is someone else basking in your glory as you make them look good?

That pride says you must have connections that compliment you but which are also equal – friends, lovers and partners who you can take pride in as they take pride in you.


Is this what your relationship is founded on or are you suddenly aware there’s an imbalance creeping in or which may have been there for some time which you have not seen until now? Hopefully you like what you see and how they see you. If not, that mirror is a two-way one and you are being asked to adjust the reflection.

With transiting Jupiter in Scorpio and in your solar 3rd house, from octobre, the 2017 forecast for Leo shows that it is a good time to connect and have some fun with siblings and neighbors. This might be a good time to buy that car, get your car fixed or take those trips you have always wanted to take. Learning is fun at this time. Leo, be open to reading, writing and expanding your mind in this months.

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