Listed below are the levels of consciousness.

7 Levels of Consciousness

Level 1 – Primitive

“Existentialism “

At this level, the primary intent is survival. Anything that enables a human to survive, such as food, water, oxygen― he devises ways to acquire them.

This is a very primitive and immature phase of consciousness that does not satiate a being’s spiritual needs at all.

He/She doesn’t feel fulfilled, even after acquiring this list of essentials. They are only a source of existing, and not living.

Level 2 – Groundwork for Emotional security

The second level of consciousness creates awareness about our need to love and be loved.

It teaches us what love entails. It is the first stage of empathy. Unlike the first level of consciousness, this level addresses emotional fulfilment.

It propels us to connect with others and find peace and harmony in their presence.

We attain this level of consciousness by merely learning how to interact with others in a more pronounced manner. It imparts social skills in us that pave the path for emotional security.

Level 3 – Self-respect

“Hunger for self-assertion, Self-esteem and personal achievement.”

This level elevates self-esteem and promotes confidence in us. It makes us realise that our self-worth is independent of external factors, such as relationships and social validations.

We understand everything that endangers our self-respect’s sanctity is to be discarded.

We master this level by diving deep into our minds and developing emotional mechanisms to restore our self-esteem under overwhelming odds.

Level 4 – Individual

“Controlling the subconscious mind “

A reformation of the highest order that steps us out of our personal needs, like the ones mentioned above (Emotional, physical) takes place in this level.

Our subconscious mind is a reserve of our deepest memories, thoughts and beliefs, and it holds power to stimulate our moods and emotions.

This level enables us to control our subconscious mind, making us capable of dictating our happiness and sorrow.

This level is attained by letting go of subconscious insecurities and fears and weakening our self-ego that constricts our freedom to self-actualise.

Level 5 – The Higher self

”Clarity in purpose.”

In this level, you finally meet your higher self that aligns you with your mission in life. Have clarity about what you have to achieve and follow in your life.

You make firm commitments in to meet your life-goals in this phase.

You steer away from the materialistic objectives of your life towards your spiritual goals.

Through constant struggle and by realising our true-selves and the reason why the universe has placed us in this dimension helps us achieve this level.

Level 6 – Collective Consciousness

” Power to act on life-purpose with persistence “

Our conscious is so well-developed at this point that the only way to fulfil our life destiny is by connecting others and fulfilling their needs.

At this point, you are no longer a single entity, but a collective conscious. You can perceive others hurt and pain even if they try to conceal it.

You strive doggedly to help others around you and to truly make an impacting difference.

Level 7 – Divinity

By mastering all 6 levels of consciousness, we finally achieve the Godly state of consciousness.

When we can command all levels of consciousness at will, and use their powers to direct our energies towards the individual as well as collective fulfilment.

We can finally say that the process of our conscious development is complete.