Merkaba or light body is a state of complete awareness. When endless amounts of light and love enter your spiritual being, they fuel the awakening of Merkaba.

You currently reside in a three-dimensional plane. Once your light body awakens, your mind gets access to the 4th and 5th-dimensional planes, which introduces you to a new world of endless possibilities.

Your spiritual horizons extend, and you become capable of things you could only dream of.

Here are light body activation symptoms that you might experience during this phase.


During light body activation, you will feel intense physical as well as mental pain. It can become unbearable at times.

Several genetic changes are happening during this activation. New information and new codes are reprogramming your DNA, and this can lead to the expenditure of energy at a rapid rate.

It can mentally drain you. Once your light body forms, you will realise that it was all worth it. Think of the light body as an elixir of youth.

It can slow down the effects of ageing, and withstand immense physical as well as mental pain in the future.

A state of sadness

Sadness will completely engulf you. It will latch on to you like a parasite. You’ll not be unable to understand why.

To make way for the light body, you must purge yourself of all negative energies that you have amassed in your past, and that is precisely what is happening.

Materialistic things will disinterest you

You will feel depressed, and unable to find any meaning in worldly things, such as careers, money etc.

You are heading towards a phase of spiritual enlightenment, and it is changing your personality as well as your mindset.

The light body is opening your eyes to the reality. If you’re stuck in a job, which makes you feel hollow empty, you will finally muster up the courage to let go of it.

Social Isolation

One of the most typical signs of Merkaba is social isolation. You will no longer relate to your family or friends because you will start vibrating at an elevated level.

Also, during the formation of the light body, all old bonds must break to make room for new positive alliances.

Irregular sleep patterns

Your sleep patterns will be disrupted because of the massive work happening behind the scenes during the formation of the light body.

You will feel a wave of ambivalence hit you like a truck. Happiness and sadness will coincide, and you’ll feel unsure about how and why you’re feeling like this.

Hallucinations and nightmares might also ensue.

You will feel light and afloat

An ethereal feeling will confound your senses. You will feel as if your feet are no longer touching the ground.

You will feel as if you are floating in midair. This might happen because, during the formation of the light body, you are letting go of all the waste you’ve piled up in your life.

This will leave your body light. It will feel as if you’re a heavenly body in a headlong dash towards the heavens.

These light body activation symptoms are not to be overlooked because they can help you understand your condition, and tackle it accordingly.

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