Activating your light body can have incredible benefits for you and others around you, as it creates the doorway through which you can access higher levels of consciousness.

It also gives you a vehicle to the astral plane, with a direct connection to Source energy.

Light body activation happens in a few ways, though some techniques will work better than others.

Here are some of the things you can do to bring about light body activation:

1. Meditation Techniques

The most important light body activation techniques are meditation-based.

The 18 breath circular breathing meditation process is well known and well developed, with many using it already to activate their light bodies by getting the Merkaba spinning properly.

It is an advanced meditation technique that will require some practice so it might be better for you to start with a more straightforward meditation to build a foundation for your light body to awaken later on.

Simply spending time in a meditative state should help to build the energy flow patterns that will make Merkaba activation easier down the road.

2. Spend Time In Nature

The astral plane holds a lot of cosmic energy that you can draw on for light body activation, but the other great Source is Mother Nature herself.

The Earth is vast and holds a similarly massive amount of cosmic energy.

By connecting with the Earth by being in nature, you align your energy with its energy and expand your potential energy.

You can expand your energy even further if you do things to help nature.

For instance, taking a day out in the woods to pick up litter will improve your connection with Mother Nature far more than spending a few hours in a meditative trance.

3. Keep Astral Journals

By “astral journal” we mean any dream journal, tarot journal or anything similar that documents your spiritual experiences.

Dreams are great for interpretation as they are direct experiences on the astral plane.

However, any study of your contact with the astral plane or spirit world will help to raise your vibrations ready for light body activation.

Nobody awakens their light body just from dream journalling, but it can help to support other techniques.

4. Maintain & Improve Spiritual Health

It may not be glamorous or exciting, but maintaining and improving your aura and energies by small amounts consistently over time is the single best way of gaining light body activation.

No other technique will get you there if you aren’t taking care of this one.

As they say, slow and steady wins the race. By spreading love and kindness, forgiveness and generosity, you will accumulate the energy to activate your light body far sooner than someone desperately searching for a shortcut.

By combining all of these techniques and living the right way, light body activation will come naturally and easily to you.

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