Light body activation is a process of spiritual evolution in which one’s energy field expands to encompass and connect with the energies of the universe.

Light body activations are often spontaneous, but they can also be consciously induced through meditations and other practices that focus on bringing more light into one’s consciousness.

The Light body activation symptoms include:

– A deep sense of peace and well being

– An increased intuitive awareness

– Heightened creativity

– Increased synchronicities

– More vivid dreams (sometimes waking lucid dreams)

Light body activations typically leave people feeling refreshed, clear-minded, energized, and ready for anything.

This article will tell you about what causes a Light Body Activation and what it feels like when it happens!

What is a Lightbody Activation

A Lightbody activation is an energy shift that happens when the body receives a new infusion of Light.

This is often an unexpected event and brings with it many blessings to those who are experiencing this process for their healing or spiritual growth.

Why It Occurs

The reasons why Lightbody activation occurs may vary from person to person, but the most common reason is that an individual has reached the point where they need this energetic shift in order for them to continue on their path towards higher consciousness.

A process where they align with their soul purpose/life plan, or to release a block or pattern that they have been carrying for many lifetimes.

Lightbody activations can also be experienced as the body’s way to heal major issues such as illness, disease, and trauma – this is because light has the ability to purify all things.

Lightbody activation symptoms may vary depending on what type of energies an individual was ready to release, or what they are ready to manifest.

How Lightbody Activation Happens

It can happen at any time but usually occurs during periods of intense light exposure, such as when there is a solar eclipse or in the presence of an Ascended Master.

It may also happen spontaneously during a meditation session, or when you are taking part in any other type of spiritual practice.

The process occurs as the higher frequencies of light enter your field and activates your energy centers to align with them.

This is what causes Lightbody activation symptoms such as increased intuitive awareness, heightened creativity, synchronicities, and vivid dreams.

Lightbody activation symptoms

Light body activations most commonly bring about feelings of euphoria, extreme joy, and a sense of oneness or belonging.

Light body activations may also produce physical symptoms such as shaking, chills, tingling sensations in the hands, feet, and spine.

You may also experience intense feelings of love for all things present at this moment, and a sense of light descending in one’s body.

Here is a list of symptoms you might experience:

  • Euphoria
  • Extreme joy, and a sense of oneness or belonging.
  • Intense feelings of love

Physical symptoms

  • shaking
  • chills
  • tingling sensations in the hands, feet, and spine
  • (for some cases), feeling electric energy running through one’s veins
  • pressure on various parts of the body including the head, chest, and back
  • sense of Light descending in one’s body.

What Lightbody activation is not

Lightbody activations are not to be mistaken with past life regression, out-of-body experiences, or spiritual ascension.

Lightbody activation is not a religious experience. Lightbody activations are not hallucinations or illusions. Lightbody activation is an intense and powerful energetic shift that can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of their beliefs or upbringing.

How to activate your energy body?

There are many ways you can activate your energy body. There are many pathways or techniques to do this, for example:

  • meditation
  • visualization
  • affirmation
  • movement of the physical body

The most common way is through the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation.

It doesn’t matter if you practice asana yoga, or Pranayama Yoga; live in the woods and meditate for hours each day, or spend time with family.

The common denominator is that any of these practices will eventually bring your life force up.

The problem is how to activate your energy body?

When you’re not activating your light body, it’s possible that the life force is just flowing down into the earth and back up again.

It will stay in a stagnant state when there are no other means of activation.

The symptoms can be:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • feeling like you’re not living up to your full potential
  • feeling like you’re on autopilot.

The symptoms and how it happens

When a person is activating their light body the life force flows in an upward direction which creates more energy.

The activation can be through any number of spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga postures, prayer, visualization techniques, Reiki, or anything that raises your vibration.

Lightbody activation stages

The first stage of Lightbody activation is called “crossing over”.

This means that you are experiencing a new phase with yourself and crossing through into another dimension.

To cross over, one needs to release all ties from this world by letting go of the past life as well as attachments to people, places, and things.

To cross over one may feel a sense of anxiety or heaviness in their heart chakra (the third eye) as they let go of the past life.

The second stage is called “clearing” which means to clear yourself from any negative thoughts that you might have had in this lifetime so far.

This is done by visualizing the negative thoughts and feelings as a dark cloud that you are then releasing into an abyss.

The third stage is called “rebirth” which means we may experience episodes of intense energy, euphoria, or bliss while being reborn from our old self to our new self.

The fourth stage is called “rising” which means that we may experience a sense of our own power, strength, and creativity while on this new level of consciousness if we practice activating the light body regularly.

The fifth stage is called “ascension” which means that we may experience a sense of divine and pure love while experiencing unconditional love.

It’s as if you are in heaven or on your way to an enlightened state of being.

The sixth stage is called “light body” which means we reach a state of being where the light body has been activated and reborn into this new reality.

We can now witness our own divine self with clarity and as if it were another person in front of us. The light body is the ultimate state of being in which a person can experience themselves as pure love and unconditional divine energy.

Speeding up Lightbody activation

You can speed up Lightbody activation by following the steps below.

Step one

The first step is to remove all blockages, which can be done by following these two exercises:

  • Visualizing a river with your affirmations and intentions you are wanting to release as it flows out into the ocean – This will help you release old patterns that no longer serve you
  • Grounding yourself in the present moment by being aware of what is happening in this current time and place

Step two

The second step is to release any negative thoughts and feelings that you are feeling. You can do this by following these three exercises:

  • Talk to your inner child, or the part of yourself that needs comforting – The exercise will help in releasing old emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, etc.
  • Visualizing a light at the top of your head, and then releasing any negativity that rises up from the bottom of your body – This will help in letting go of painful emotions
  • You can also do an Inner Smile exercise. It is a meditation where you visualize yourself at peace with yourself

Step Three

The third step to speeding up Lightbody activation is by grounding oneself.

Grounding oneself is important because it will keep your energies grounded in the present moment. You can do this by following these four exercises:

  • A grounding exercise involves being aware of what’s happening in the current time and place
  • Walking barefoot outside on grass or sand, feeling each step coming into contact with the earth – Grounding oneself allows for an immediate shift in mood
  • Being aware of the five senses, and how they are working together to give you information about your surroundings
  • You can also do a grounding meditation – This is where you visualize yourself being rooted into the earth by using different parts of your body (feet, hands, etc)

Step four

The fourth step is to center oneself. Centering oneself will bring you to the present moment. You can do this by using these three exercises:

  • Try breathing in and out for a period of time
  • You can also try walking meditation, or yoga – If done correctly, it will help release any negative emotions that may be stored up inside your body
  • The next step is to find your center or balance. You can do this by visualizing yourself balancing on a tight rope.

Step five

The next step would be to focus oneself in the present moment and release all negative emotions and thoughts that you may have been holding onto for quite some time.

You can also try meditation with these exercises:

  • The first exercise is to do a meditation where you visualize yourself at peace with yourself.
  • Another exercise would be the Loving Kindness Meditation, and it involves visualizing loving wishes for oneself and others

Step six

The last step in speeding up Lightbody activation is by being mindful of your feelings when they arise or dissipate.

You can do this by following these three exercises:

  • You can do a body scan, where you are aware of the feelings that arise in your body and then release them
  • Another exercise would be to focus on one feeling at a time. For example, if anger arises from within yourself it is best to deal with it first before moving onto another emotion – By doing this, you can release the anger before it turns into something more painful
  • You can also write down your feelings in a journal and then read what you have written after, this would be another exercise to help with releasing emotions

If done properly, light body activation can happen quickly.


If you’re ready to explore your spiritual side, then light body activation is a great place to start. It’s an enlightening process of expanding one’s energy field and connecting with the energies around you.

You can also consciously activate your light body through meditations and other practices that focus on bringing more light into consciousness.