Light Body activation is the process of unlocking your subtle body’s light vehicle, allowing you access to higher realms of consciousness as well as enhanced spiritual power and health.

The process consists of 10 stages that each move you closer to fully unlocking your inner power.

With each step closer, changes occur in your mind, body, and soul.

These fundamental changes even include alterations to your DNA to accommodate the changing state of your being.

Light Body Activation Symptoms

For most people, this process is gradual, a natural consequence of spiritual growth and healing.Light Body Activation - become lighter

When it is spread out like this, there are few adverse side effects.

However, some people accelerate the process intentionally with various meditation techniques and energy flow.

They do this by increasing breathing exercises – and others still are accelerated along this process by trauma or revelation.

Those who experience it all at once are prone to the following Light Body activation symptoms:

  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Dizziness and nausea.
  • No energy, always feeling lethargic.
  • Digestive issues and stomach upset.
  • Changes in energy level.
  • Lessened sense of direction.
  • Impaired sense of time.
  • Mood swings.
  • Hay fever and allergies can appear of flare up.
  • Sense of smell altered, including scents you like versus fragrances you hate.
  • Aches and pains.
  • Muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Skin rashes, acne, and other topical problems appear for no reason.

Crystalline Body Symptoms

As you experience light body activation, your carbon-based body will shift into a crystalline form.

It does this via activation of the pineal gland, which in turn unlocks the junk DNA that all humans have.

This seemingly surplus DNA is very important for the forming of your crystalline body.

There are three significant symptoms:


The most common sign, unexplained bouts of depression appear that you cannot find a source.

As your carbon body disintegrates, you clear negative energy and past trauma – especially childhood trauma.

It’s not easy to deal with these things at the best of times, but with all of it happening at once and at such speed it can all get a bit too much sometimes.


The old things that seemed to matter so much don’t have an impact anymore, past issues seem so insignificant to you as you undergo this shift.

You begin to question the truths you have held as granted your whole life.

Society seems broken, and nobody seems to be fixing it. Part of you is losing hope.

The old truths are being cleared out for the new realities.

The old way is done, and the new method is coming, but in the meantime, you feel as though you have nothing to believe.


Time to yourself is a very individual process, so you will have the urge to be alone a lot.

Accompanied by a sudden urge to be at one with nature, you may find it helpful to harness this need for seclusion by being out in the wilderness.

It will give you time to get to know your new self. Your transformation is almost complete, and the process of self-knowledge has just begun anew.