There’s no denying that cats have a special place in our hearts, but did you know that the cat is the only animal whose fur colour is attached to its metaphysical meaning?

The light brown cat has light brown fur all over and can be long- or short-haired.

If you have a light brown cat as a pet or spirit animal totem, then we have some metaphysical meanings for you to chew on.

Light Brown Cats Keep You Grounded

Light brown cats are tempering souls, representing the need to stay grounded in the physical world. They often help to keep their owners grounded.

Lauded as some of the most affectionate souls, light brown cats often enjoy affection, cuddle time and grooming more than most cats. They are usually content, unlike many of their cousins that prefer a more active lifestyle. For this reason, light brown cats make great house cats.

The core principle by which light brown cats live their lives applies to us as much as it does to them: “Do whatever you have to do, just remember to go home and get some rest at the end of the day.”

The problem with modern life can often be that it is all so abstract. Few of us work in jobs where we make physical things or create something from something else, so we have to deal with ethereal ideas and abstract concepts.

This is great for most situations as it allows us to specialise. But it can also mean that you spend your days thinking about things that have no application to most people’s lives.

That is bad for the soul.

Luckily, a light brown cat will help its owner to shrug off the preoccupations of the day and help them to find their centre, ground themselves in the “real” and remember that the things that matter at work matter far less at home.

When the pressures of the world start to get to you, your light brown cat will notice. They will probably curl up on your lap and try to remind you that what matters is not your day job but your personal journey through life.

If you find yourself are feeling like you are not grounded, like you are just floating from situation to situation and rarely get time to find your feet, perhaps a little time spent with a light brown cat might get you to where you need to be.

Spirit Animal Totem: Light Brown Cat

Having the light brown cat as your spirit animal keeps in your mind the ability to stop and ground yourself when you feel a little flustered.

With an emphasis on family and traditional values, the power you draw from your totem helps you to value time spent unwinding and reminding yourself of why you do it all.

The light brown cat totem also equips you with the tools you need to deal with the complex modern world and the pressures it places on you.

The light brown cat totem is a favourite of small business owners and homemakers.