There’s no denying that cats have a special place in our hearts, but did you know that the cat is the only animal whose fur colour is attached to its metaphysical meaning?

The light grey cat has a full covering of light grey fur, which can be long or short. Usually, these cats don’t have socks, but if they do they are typically white.

If you have a light grey cat as a pet or spirit animal totem, then we have some metaphysical meanings for you.

Light Grey Cats Represent Innocence And Childhood

Grey cats speak to their owner’s inner child, the truest and purest part of us. Light grey cats specifically talk to our innocence, or lack of it if that is the case.

They remind us that while everyone is born innocent, as we become adults we are affected by the world around us. Often we lose our innocence as living in an imperfect world makes us cold and hard.

It’s challenging to be cold and hard around a light grey cat.

They help us to see the world through the perspective of our inner child. This perspective is not hardened by the experience of life and its hardships so that we can see more clearly the essential goodness of the world around us.

So many of us are missing this presence in our lives.

During times of difficulty, a light grey cat can help us to be optimistic about the future. Sure, there are many things wrong with the situation, but there are always positives, and it is only with the right perspective that you can hold on to and pursue those positives.

Light grey cats also remind us that innocence is a quality best left behind in childhood for a good reason. While reconnecting with your inner child and experiencing that innocence again can be a very healing process, it is the challenges in our lives that make us who we are, and as you grow up, you need to become wise.

We may be damaged by living here on Earth, but it is that damage that allows us to experience life truly. Without it, there can be no personal growth, and without personal growth, we cannot learn about the true nature of our selves.

They also represent a return to innocence that we will all experience, once our time in this life has come to a close.

Spirit Animal Totem: Light Grey Cat

Having the light grey cat as your spirit animal brings you the perspective to deal with the challenges life throws your way.

With an emphasis on connecting with the inner child, the power you draw from your totem helps you to see through the darkness in the world and bring in positive energy and light.

The light grey cat totem protects you from the negative energies that surround you and helps you to heal past wounds. Calling upon your totem during healing meditation can bring you the metaphysical energy to release the old scars.