We are all incredibly aware of what a physical body is – our hands, feet, head etc. However, there is also a subtle body which surrounds our physical body.

In layman’s terms, our subtle body is often called a ‘spiritual’ body. Even the most sceptical people have undoubtedly heard of the term ‘aura’.

What is an Aura?

Here’s a brief recap of the term – your aura is a wave of energy that surrounds your entire body in an oval-shaped enclosure.

An aura isn’t something you’re consciously aware of – not of your own, not that of other people.

It is true that you may be able to see different auras over time after acquiring a particular skill set that goes with it. Regardless, this article isn’t about learning those skills.

Light pink aura meaning
Everyone emits an aura, whether it’s a positive or negative. Although the pink aura is soothing, healing and about calmness.

It’s about explaining one of the rarest auras known – the light pink aura.

The Light Pink Aura

Your aura speaks volumes about your destiny. It shows you just what your fate has in store for you.

Since your aura is an attribution of your mental self, you get to realise the paths you are and will take along the way in your destiny.

An aura has an undeniable link to one’s destiny since it encompasses the type of person they are and the choices they’re most likely going to make.

It may vary in intensity, or even change colour altogether which is a sure sign of what your destiny has in store for you.

The light pink aura is also called the ‘base’ or the ‘root’ aura since this colour is at the end of the red spectrum of colours.

Light pink Aura Meaning

Consequently, people who have this colour of aura, tend to be more mild-mannered and calmer than the rest.

This colour indicates, among many other things; sensitivity, loyalty, honesty, compassion, love and mild temperament.

What’s interesting about this aura colour is that it may vary from person to person.

Two broad colours of auras are known – red and blue. Other auras are varying intensities of these colours.

A light pink aura may include specks of red, blue or even grey. What’s important is to understand that specks are seen as ‘impurities’ in auras.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it depends on the colour of the specks to be fair. However, a clear light pink aura is nearly impossible to find.

For a clear light pink aura, the person has to live in complete calmness regardless of the situation. They have this undying faith in love and peace which cannot be shaken with circumstances.

If you are a calm person and love to heal and make people better, you may have this light pink aura. You are gentle, confident and never give up despite setbacks.

Poets, painters or medical professionals are often seen with this colour aura.

It shows how compassionate and caring one is. That person has a high regard for other people’s happiness; they are even willing to compromise their own in the process.

Regarding your destiny, this shows that you’re always going to go on helping those in need. Your future is written as a cheerful disposition.

Their belief in undying and unconditional love keeps them going through even the toughest times.

Hence, while you may notice a slight change in the intensity of their aura, if the colour remains pink you know they still have hope.

The light pink aura is rare, people with this aura are very compassionate and tranquil. If you know someone with this aura, then you have found gem of a person.

Pink is a mixture of red and white. Red represents strength and hard-handedness. While white represents tranquillity.

Combine them, and you get pink which is stern yet compassionate. The reason this aura is rare in modern times is because of the circumstances we face today.

The constant hustle and bustle rarely gives one enough time to enjoy the more beautiful things in life.

Having a pink aura means willingly letting go of all of your worries and focusing on the more important things in life – mental health.

If you see someone with this aura, know that they are mentally nourished. They might have already seen some tough times, but they overcame them by believing in underlying happiness.