The suspicious activity of lights turning on and off by themselves sometimes has a spiritual explanation.

Spirits communicate with us in several ways, and in the physical world, their preferred mode of conveying messages is through electrical appliances.

I’ve lived in many homes in which I’ve seen this problem, quite frequently.

And not just me, but my other family members have also noticed a similar pattern.

Some time ago, a family called upon me to inspect their home, and I observed a similar electrical behaviour over there as well.

My spirit guides have shown me that spiritual and electrical share an intimate connection because both are vibrational energies.

This Interconnectedness, somehow, makes it convenient for spirits to fiddle with electrical equipment in the material world.

This is their way of informing you, that we’re here and we want you to know it.

They may be your deceased family member or a spirit that has some unfinished business with you.

In the highly critically acclaimed movie “The Conjuring”, demonic spirits intruded the lives of the characters.

They initially revealed themselves through electrical fluctuations, and then made more direct advances.

This is not something you can just brush off.

If you have a demonic spirit in your home, it needs to be cleansed at the earliest opportunity or it will make your life a living help.

Professional help is required in this case.

However, if one of your siblings or anyone you were close to is trying to communicate with you from the spirit world, then you have to pick up on his or her clues.

I often observed that my spirit guides were trying to emphasise a particular message.

For example, whenever I walked into my bedroom, the bulb on the sidewall instantly flickered.

I changed the bulb and even called electricians to check up on it, but even after replacing several bulbs, the same electrical pattern repeated itself.

I only got answers when I analysed the spiritual side of the problem.

My friend and I often used to play football in my room, and we often used to break the bulb in that particular electrical socket.

In his ghostly way, he was trying to reach out to me and requesting me that one last game of football.

So, I got my roughed up football from the storeroom, and started kicking it around in my room.

After that day, I experienced no electrical anomaly of any sort in my room.

Lights turning on and off by themselves is a common means of communication used by spirits.

Trust me; when an apparition or spirit touch you, you will feel an overwhelming presence.

And this overbearing entity will not leave your life until you resolve your business with him or her or seek professional help.

Remember, these spirits are powerful beings and can’t be stopped without expert help.

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