What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Lightworker?

We’re all well aware of yoga. It is a form of meditation and as a way of connecting our physical embodiment with our soul.

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation deep-rooted with the culture and history of many ethnicities. However, yoga set up its foundation at a less chaotic time in history.


With time, people got so caught up in modernisation that they barely had any time left to focus on meditation.

Around the 1970’s, a spiritual movement began which deterred an unnecessary need for modernisation – anything which separated us greatly from nature. This movement is known today as the ‘New Age’ movement.

The movement did not progress without criticism. Many people, who decided to keep a substantial distance with anything they deemed unnecessary, began to be called ‘hippies’.

Regardless, once someone gives up worldly needs, they find peace. This is the time when the breed of lightworkers boomed in the world. So, what exactly are they?

What is a lightworker?

Our entire existence revolves around our spirituality, energy vibrations, and our aura. A lightworker is believed to be someone entrusted with the light spirit.


The physical embodiment of the spirit does not automatically know that they have been entrusted with this ethereal power.

It may take many years until they finally come to realise it. Regardless, deep down in their hearts, they know that they’re different.

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How? Well, there are two broad categories of spirits in this world – light and dark. As one may assume, the light spirit refers to tranquillity and the dark spirit refers to chaos.

We’ve become well accustomed to categorising people as either good or bad, but it is in fact deep-rooted in their spirits which determines what sort of person they are.

And Lightworkers are miracle workers who have innate goodness in prolific amounts.

Characteristics of a Lightworker:

A lightworker aims to restore peace. He or she wants nothing more than to see the world as a better place for the old and the young.

Quite often, they’ll be willing to give up any worldly comfort they have just to help others around them. They find peace in seeing others living a happy life.

The term ‘hippie’ used to describe them is defamatory, since it refers to someone who has completely lost his or her mind.

A particular image comes to mind when we hear the term. Well, not all ‘hippies’ are like that. Indeed, some of them go on to become doctors, teachers or lawyers.


A lightworker isn’t supposed to be someone who gives up everything just for everyone else’s happiness. He or she is someone who realised the need for something’s such as a career etc., yet decides to help people irrespective of his desires.

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A lightworker is someone entrusted with a spirit meant to restore peace and tranquillity to the chaotic world.

They’re people who can sense what another person is feeling and try their hardest to bring light into their world.

Lightworkers are found in all walks of life as helpful, kind people. Spiritually, their destiny entails that they make the world a more straightforward, better place for everyone.

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