This Lightworker Test will help you to discover whether or not you are a Lightworker or Starseed.

Are you here on Earth with a special mission to help others to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness?

Not all Lightworkers are the same. In fact, they are a very diverse group with various origins, personality types, and soul missions.

It isn’t easy to work out on your own if you are a member of this unique group.

But there are some core characteristics that Lightworkers usually exhibit.

If you identify with more than half of the signs on this Lightworker Test, then you are very likely to be one of these special souls.

The Lightworker Test – 13 Revealing Questions

Q1. Do you often feel misunderstood?

Lightworkers have a lot of trouble fitting in with the general population.

They struggle with feelings of being different from their peers, mostly because they actually are.

This is one of the core struggles of being a Starseed and is an important one to go through.

This experience helps your soul to understand humanity a bit more, which helps to speed up the process of awakening currently underway.

Q2. Do you feel a higher calling or purpose?

Lightworkers are here for the primary purpose of helping to elevate humanity to a higher dimension of consciousness.

This is a massive operation with many souls here to help with the job.

Because they must manifest as humans that live in 3D, their mission is usually not apparent to them until adulthood when they undergo a spiritual awakening.

However, they are constantly aware that there is a purpose to their being here, even if they haven’t quite nailed down what exactly that purpose is.

Q3. Are you the kind of person who always stops to help?

The nature of the soul mission means that Lightworkers have an unquenchable thirst for helping others – often to the detriment of themselves.

If you are always willing to help someone out and have real trouble telling people “no,” then this might be you.

Q4. Do you have strong empathic powers?

Empathic power is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others through the application of intuition.

This is true if you are the type of person who shows insight into the emotional states of others.

Q5. Do you often attract broken, hurt, and difficult people?

Lightworkers give off energy that attracts people who are in low vibration.

People who have experienced difficulties and trauma naturally seek out those who have balance, empathy, and kindness at their disposal.

Q6. Do you get homesick when you are at home?

Starseeds originate from elsewhere in the universe, and although they rarely have a memory of that before awakening, there is always a nagging feeling that they hail from elsewhere.

Their souls are from a different vibrational landscape, and it is difficult to get used to it. After awakening, this feeling is easier to deal with.

Q7. Are you vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise drawn only to natural foods?

Lightworkers have a strong affinity for all living things and prefer to eat vegetarian and vegan options over meat.

Part of this is the avoidance of suffering for animals, and another part is a concern for Mother Earth.

Farming animals uses more land, water, and carbon emissions than any other industry at this moment in history.

Q8. Does mainstream culture seem uninteresting or unimportant?

Lightworkers exist at a different speed and tend towards higher vibrations.

This means that they are often out of step with the mainstream culture which has (for a very long time) been rooted in low vibrational thought.

Q9. Do you treat people well even when they mistreat you?

Pettiness is not within the toolkit of the Lightworker.

An eye for an eye makes the world blind, so when faced with poor treatment from others, they follow the urge to kill them with kindness.

Leading by example is essential for all types of Starseeds as it is the primary way in which they can fulfill their shared soul mission.

Q10. Are you in a care profession (or want to be)?

Lightworkers gravitate to care professions because it is the most natural way for them to use their healing abilities for the greater good.

It is also an industry sector where there is a dire need for more passionate, selfless people – perfect for their Soul Mission.

Q11. Do you share a strong connection with nature?

The natural world is empowering for Lightworkers, and it is in nature that helps them to recharge their cosmic energy and regain their balance.

This is you if you have the urge to be surrounded by nature whenever you are feeling down, tired, and dejected.

Q12. Have you made peace with mortality?

Death and dying is a fact of life, and facing mortality is one of the most difficult challenges of any person’s life.

But Lightworkers have a far more philosophical view of death.

They intuitively understand that death is not the end, just the preamble to a new beginning.

Q13. Are you spiritual, but reject mainstream religion or belief systems?

Lightworkers do not know their own nature until a little later in life, but often they find a connection to the spiritual side of existence in some other way.

However, mainstream religion and belief systems tend to turn them off.

This is because it is dogmatic, authoritarian, and restrictive – all of which sits wrong with them.

Interpreting Results Of The Lightworker Test

If you have answered “yes” to more than half of these questions, then there is an excellent chance that you are indeed a Lightworker.

The next step for you will be to discover where your Starseed origins lie and what that means for your mission here on Earth.

Different origins give different strengths and weaknesses, and knowing these will help you to understand yourself.

But if you haven’t that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not a Lightworker.

In fact, it may well be that you are just coming into your awakening now – so bookmark this page and return to it at a later date!

Susan was born with spiritual gifts and is a master of many metaphysical techniques. Her extensive list of metaphysical tools is the result of practicing reading and healing many souls for over 30 years. She loves to read people and uses energy reading, tarot, numerology, graphology, astrology, I-Ching, EFT, and natural healing. She brings all these tools together and combines them with her natural psychic medium, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Her experience in all things spiritual helps to bring a full understanding of self and soul to her private clients and readers.