You can tell a lot about a person from their aura. Auras are colour expressions of the unique vibrational energies your subtle body puts out into the world.

From those colours, you can effectively see what that person is made up of.

Today we’re looking at the lime green aura.

So what does the lime green aura mean? And how does it differ from other green auras?

Green For Growth & Change

Green auras represent energies that are in a period of growth.Lime Green Aura Meaning

Having any green aura means that you are adaptable and value spiritual growth. Any green in your aura might be a symbol of ongoing spiritual growth.

For those with a predominantly lime green aura, this manifests as a need to be creative. They can, however, be prone to perfectionism as they always see room for improvement.

Lime Greens In Love & Relationships

This attitude can transfer to love and relationships, as well.

While having a lime green aura partner can be very good for you as they help the two of you to grow and change together, it can sometimes be challenging to live up to their high standards.

That being said, lime greens tend to be supportive of those closest to them and display unbreaking loyalty.

They also usually serve as mediators in groups with more red group auras.

However, as with all green auras, they can be prone to jealousy. This isn’t always romantic jealousy either – green aura people can be possessive over their friends just as much as their partner.

Careers For Lime Greens

Green auras primarily represent balance, growth and change, while lime green represents explicitly a deep creative need to express themselves.

Therefore, many lime greens are pulled towards jobs like teaching, where they can provide the growth and change for young people and advice for those not handling it well.

One added benefit for lime greens in a field like teaching is that they can be creative in how they teach.

But any career that allows them to be continually growing and improving while exercising the creative instinct would be suitable.

Balanced Lime Green Auras

Most importantly, green auras symbolise and require balance.

If you have a lime green aura, you should strive to ensure that you do regular meditation focussed on maintaining chakra balance. Doing this surrounded by nature will be more effective, as green auras are tightly linked with nature.

You should also avoid situations and relationships that could be described as “an emotional rollercoaster”.

Ups and downs may suit some people, but those with lime green auras may find it difficult to deal with and live that way.

That being said, if you can maintain balance through adversity, then the propensity for growth will allow you to make the most of that adversity by turning it into an opportunity for progress.

Overall, lime green auras signify reliable, pragmatic and creative people for whom balance and nature form the core of a fulfilling life.

If you have a lime green aura, be sure to put aside your loyalty to others for a moment on occasion to look after your self, perhaps by reconnecting with nature and definitely by gaining an outlet for your creative nature.

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