Link Between Yoga And Veganism

Link Between Yoga And Veganism

What is the connection between Yoga And Veganism? For those of us who practice yoga, we might have noticed a trend within the yoga community that does not seem to bear out in the general population.

It is the kind of the thing we might slowly notice over time, mentioning it in passing to our friends only for them to confess they had seen it too.


There sure are a lot of vegans doing yoga.

What we may not realise is that the practice of yoga is very much related to veganism. In fact, beyond the exercise facet of yoga, there is the spiritual side – the teachings, or principles.

And it is here we can see why so many yoga practitioners are vegan.


The yogic principle of Ahimsa is, in essence, the principle of non-violence. It teaches us that we should not harm each other, but it goes further.

We should not hurt each other, nor should we hurt any sentient being, nor should we hurt the environment we all exist in.


Ahimsa holds at its core that we should do no harm.

So any follower of the yogic tradition finds naturally that they should be vegan.

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After all, it is impossible in this day and age to be ignorant of the violence perpetrated against animals for us to eat meat or consume other animal products.

And they also feel the need to protect the environment from the harm their fellow man commits upon it.

The effect on the environment of meat farming is many times greater than that of non-meat agriculture.

This is because of the amount of food and water the animals need and the time it takes to fatten them up enough to be profitable. Not to mention the transport costs, in terms of both money and emissions, not to mention the methane the animals produce.

Those followers of the principles of yoga feel the need to do their part in not contributing to the denigration of the environment and therefore gravitate away from meat eating.


The other main reason that yoga and veganism are so linked is because of the positive health effects of both.

Yoga is a well-documented practice that improves various markers of health in almost everybody that engages in it.


The improvements to general health come from better flexibility, digestion, posture, core strength and lower stress levels.

People who do yoga care deeply about maintaining and improving their health.

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And those kinds of people are more likely to be vegan for one simple reason – the healthiest diet is a vegan diet!

If you are attracting healthy people, you are going to meet a lot of vegans.

So those are the main ways that yoga and veganism are linked.

Yoga is a great hobby to pick up on for the numerous health benefits – physical, mental and spiritual. It helps us to connect with our bodies and do the maintenance the human body needs.

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