The lion spirit animal appears to you when you need your strength and courage to overcome an obstacle.

The lion is the king of the jungle, embodying strength, leadership and bravery.

When the lion spirit animal empowers you, you draw on your inner strength and courage to face the difficulties that will soon come your way.

When Challenges Arise, The Lion Roars

The lion spirit animal usually arrives in your life when you are about to face a difficult challenge.

Events are getting out of your control, and it will take you wielding your strength to keep everything handled.

The lion roars to let the other animals know that it is the biggest, baddest cat on the plains.

And it needs to – a lion that cannot show strength is weak to challenges from other lions.

Your lion spirit animal imbues you with the resolve needed to wield your strength against what is to come.

Courage Through Adversity

Fear and anxiety creep into your life when events seem to be out of your control.

The lion spirit animal gives you the courage to set aside these fears and do what you need to.

Have you ever seen a lion cower? It’s not in their DNA. They don’t back down from a challenge, even if it means risking life and limb.

Having the courage to trust your strength is not as easy as it seems, but your lion spirit animal aids you in finding the courage to have faith in yourself.

It’s a pride of lions, not a humble.

Leadership & Taking Charge

Lions are not solitary animals; they live and hunt in prides.

But they are hierarchical, with the most powerful lion taking the leadership role within the pride.

The fortunes of the pride rise and fall on how well this lion leads, and when things go badly, it can be left out in the cold.

Leadership, as embodied within the lion spirit animal, is as much to do with choosing your battles as it is with fighting them.

Your strength and courage allow you many opportunities, but you must choose your opportunities based on the challenges you know you are ready to face.

The lion spirit animal imbues you with the strength and courage to fight any fight, but it also aids you in seeing when it isn’t worth fighting at all.

When Your Lion Spirit Animal Resonates

Take charge of your direction and set yourself clear goals – then trust yourself to have the strength and courage to go after them.

But be cautious in picking your fights. Some risks aren’t worth taking, and you could harm those around you as well as yourself if you take the wrong risk.

You have responsibility for your pride.

Draw on your inner strength to overcome fear and anxiety when things spiral out of control to regain power over the situation.

And, above all, exemplify the real self-belief and power of your lion spirit animal.

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