Living In The Moment By Chris Claxton

Guest Post | By Chris ClaxtonWhilst doing recent Live readings we stumbled many times across cards relating to Facing your realities, meeting things head on, allowing yourself to expand and not stagnate within the moment and grabbing the bull by the horns.

I often tell them that many people stand still as human beings because of fear of the unknown, the nightmares they create in the future, making mountains out of non existent mole hills, all thrown in with the fear of the ultimate consequences from their actions.


In other words, they spend most of their time living their lives in the future instead being alive in the moment they are actually experiencing and living..

In doing the above we forget our lives are for living now, to live in this present moment. When humans spend to much time looking at their fears for the future, usually fears they have blown out of all proportion in relationship to what will actually become within a certain situation, it makes them scared to move forward and expand.

Stopping themselves enjoying the very moment they are actually living.

So maybe to achieve a better more joy filled life we should start to live within the moment, deal with that moment, accept that moment for what it is, see the beauty of that moment and the possibility for our expansion and future growth.

There is nothing wrong with planning for the future and looking to improve your life or current circumstances for the better, but do this in a positive manner and with faith and trust, do not drag fear fantasies into it.


Fear is not living with your life, it is living with your mind, and your fear is always about what’s going to happen next. Therefore your fear is all about what doesn’t exist and is all 100% imaginary and you allow yourself to suffer in this non existence, this fantasy of the mind.

Try asking yourself, what does living in the future steal from your today?

There will always be hurdles and obstacles to overcome in the outside world and along our life path,and things might not go as we planned or desired. We will always be setting goals and targets for ourselves always be something else to do or achieve. Do not let the moment your living in be sacrificed or ruined because of another time, a fantasy of what might be.

Fear energy keeps you rooted in your mind instead of being rooted in reality and the the NOW.

What if we kept putting everything off all the time because of the fear of action, and we never get to enjoy what is in front of us all along?, The joy and excitement of the moment were actually living, instead our lives would stagnate, be at a standstill, then what would be its purpose?

And even when we achieve our goals, there will always be another goal or challenge waiting in line, because our lives are supposed to have a forward motion, supposed to expand through our learning and experiences. Imagine what this moment could be like if it was free of your future fantasies and if you weren’t worrying about your life beyond this moment and just living for now, how easy your life would be.

By accepting the moment your in and living within that moment somehow takes the pressure off you, because your only having to deal with the happening within that moment and not all the elevated fantasies you have created in your mind for the future and adding them to the already present pressures of THIS moment.


Remember, you are not saying that you will stop pursuing your goals or dreams and you are not denying you have problems. You are merely allowing this moment to be what it is, and making peace with it and being able to enjoy it. Now you can see its beauty and its depth, which is also the depth of everything that you are, and everything around you.

This moment being enough doesn’t mean all your pain will go away if you are struggling, but it does bring the joy of what is right in front of you to center stage.
Just let this moment be enough to live within and don’t add unnecessary fear fantasies and complications to it.

Look around you and see the beauty of being alive, the beauty of this moment as you breathe,the magnificent engineering of this human body you live in.
Living in this moment is a gift that allows us to create the future we want…without sacrificing today!

Chris Claxton 4/5/2018

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