Loneliness Can Make You Sick — 3 Steps To Snap Out Of It

If you’d realize how much impact loneliness has on your physical well-being, you would strive to surround yourself with meaningful relationships all the time. Creating social connections is the only way of ensuring that being lonely is not part of your existence.

It has often been said that being alone does not necessary mean that you are lonely while on the other hand you could be in the company of the people you love the most, but feel lonely.


Loneliness as a state of emotions can be a harsh experience and it is mostly a result of lacking a connection to your circumstances, situation and the people who surround you.

Following a major event in our lives or a major change in the way things happen, loneliness may slowly or rapidly creep in.

Modernity as we see it in the 21st century is not helping amid the much technological advancement that is happening everywhere. Humans are social beings and social media creates an illusion of association when in fact people’s energies do not connect.

Studies done by the mental health foundation of America indicate that people between the ages of 18 and 34 feel lonely more than any other age group. This is the age when most people are advancing their studies, building their careers and traveling all over the world as volunteers and aid workers.

The physical implications of loneliness on the body cannot be ignored because cellular changes have been linked to loneliness in clinical studies.

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The body is equipped with intricate survival mechanisms and the most sensitive one is the defense mechanism.


When one begins to lack emotional connections, the body reacts as if in a hostile environment. As a result, one’s immunity goes down.

Luckily, anyone can snap out of loneliness, though it takes practice…

Here are the three crucial steps to restoring the cellular balance of the body:

  1. Push yourself to attend social gatherings even if you may not feel like it. There is a lot of faking and concealing that happens in social media and while you may genuinely desire to connect with people, they may have different agendas.
  2. Take responsibility of yourself by accepting the fact that human beings actually have control over their lives. This realization is a great tool for empowerment because it gives you the courage to change your line of thinking. Draw your own plan of social interaction that includes those that you want to associate with.
  3. Creating lasting and meaningful friendships is the only way to ensure that you associate with people that share the same emotional energy as you do. Friendships are about choice and you need not be afraid to cut out friends that do not bring any real value to your life.
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