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Losing A Soulmate | How To Get Through It

Many of us spend our lives waiting for a soulmate.

They bring promises of happiness, growth and love as they enter into our lives. So once we have found them, losing a soulmate can be one of the hardest things we can ever do.


Whether we lose our soulmate through their passing or through a breakup, the grieving process is a harrowing one.

But you are not the first to lose a soulmate, and you won’t be the last – which means that there is plenty of advice on how to deal with losing a soulmate. We have compiled the best advice here:

Losing A Soulmate To A Break-Up

If you have lost your soulmate due to a break-up, you should know that you are not alone.

Many people are taken in by Hollywood and popular culture which tells them that we all have one soulmate and we are destined to be with them forever.

But that simply isn’t the case.


We all have numerous soulmates who will enter our lives at into points and leave our lives as quickly as they entered. You may have lost a soulmate, but in doing so, you have entered the next phase of your life.

There will be another soulmate down the line, armed with the lessons that you still must learn if you are ever to attain the spiritual growth needed for you to meet your twin flame.

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When A Soulmate Dies

Losing a soulmate because they die is a particularly painful way to enter in to the next stage of your life.

With so much left unsaid, so many plans left untested and many lessons still to learn from each other, the death of a soulmate can leave you feeling abandoned by the Universe.

You never got a chance for a proper goodbye, and that can be the most painful part.

It’s always best to see a grief counsellor, a professional who can help you to overcome the mental problems that can accompany grief.

But think spiritually, too.

Your soulmate is not gone from you forever. Soulmates meet life after life, reincarnation after reincarnation.


The two of you will meet again, even if for reasons we can never know the Universe has taken them from you in this life.

First, you will have to learn to deal with the grief and the heartbreak. Then you will have to learn to move forward with your life, using the lessons they taught you about yourself to grow as a person and as a spiritual being.

Losing A Soulmate Is A New Beginning

It is painful to begin with, but time heals all wounds, and eventually you will move on with your life.

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The key is to see this new phase of your life as a new beginning, rather than a painful ending.

Above all – and finally – it is important that you aren’t afraid to love again. Heartbreak has a funny way of convincing us that love caused us all that pain. But the only true way to heal the pain of losing a soulmate is to love again.

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