The hardest facts we all must face is that our lives are fleeting and that those whom we hold closest to our hearts will not be around forever.

The hardest time of anyone’s life is when a soulmate passes away.

There is no easy way through it.

It is a situation that everyone who has come before has experienced, though.

You can benefit from the wisdom of others to help you through this tough time.

Experiencing The Loss Of A Soulmate

When our soulmate passes away, we can quickly feel overcome with grief.

Grief shows itself differently from person to person, as unique to us as our souls are.

How we express our grief is not within our control.

Our experience dictates how we react, and we must be allowed to experience that grief.

In this initial period after our loss, our soul is experiencing soul shock.

Shock to the soul like this feels much like an extreme heartbreak, almost physically like a heart attack.

In order to begin recovering, we need time to adjust and ideally the love and support of the people closest to us.

If this is not possible, grief counselling should be at the top of the list.

Moving Forward Without Your Soulmate

Once the initial grief has passed, it is time for us to move forward.

The idea of moving on can be a difficult one to swallow.

After all, losing a soulmate can often leave us asking what the point is of going on at all.

But our relationship with our soulmate is not over – it has just changed.

Their physical body has died, but their soul has not just disappeared.

It still exists, connected to ours as it has always been. In our quiet moments of contemplation, we can feel that connection, as strong as ever.

However, we must accept that their life as you know it has ended.

The connection remains a source of love and reassurance, but we cannot limit ourselves to this source alone.

Those that do cease to live their lives, and the lesson we learn from loss is that life is, above all, precious.

Loving Again Without Guilt

It will take time – and we should take all the time we need – but eventually, we will be ready to look for love once more.

When we are ready, we know it. The universe also knows it and may provide us with another with whom we can share our love.

It is entirely up to us to decide whether we want to have this relationship, but we should not sacrifice our happiness and spiritual health out of misplaced guilt.

We need love in our lives. More importantly, the world needs the love we have to give.

Whether we decide to find love again, or whether we express our love through healing and helping others.

It is important to us and the world that the passing of our soulmate does not permanently take the love from our lives.

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