Have you ever wondered about the love and light meaning?

It’s a common phrase within the metaphysical and New Age community, but many people simply use the words without really knowing what they mean.

Contrary to what some people think, it is not just a nice greeting or farewell phrase – although it is also both of those things!

There is power in this special phrase. To discover the true meaning, we will delve into the origins of the use of these words and the tangible effects they can have when used with understanding and intent.

Words Like “Love And Light” Hold Great Power

Words and vocalizations have been used in metaphysical practice for a very long time.

Although you might not have thought of it this way, you already know it!

Think of chants like “Ohm,” which hold power in Eastern traditions as one way of enhancing meditation and contemplation techniques.

Specific sounds created with the voice can focus and concentrate power.

More than that, nearly every religion that has ever existed has made use of this effect.

Words like “Amen” in the Christian tradition have seen widespread use, as have recitations such as the Lord’s Prayer.

However, you should not confuse the meaning of the recitation with the truth of its power.

While you may not believe in the Christian God, the power of the various phrases and recitations are obvious for anyone to see.

Even an atheist feels the energy, so it has nothing to do with any higher being.

What is happening with these phrases and passages when read aloud is the same thing that is happening with “Ohm” in the Buddhist tradition and all the other chants and mantras you can think of.

So What’s Special About “Love And Light”?

There is something that sets this particular phrase apart from the rest.

While other philosophies coat their phrases in extra layers of physical-based thinking, here we can see the concept pulled back to its fundamental form.

When someone says this special phrase, they are providing a kind of energy support.

When somebody asks for it to be sent to them, they are reaching out for that support.

And it is very much within your power to lend it to them!

Doing so will help them, but it will also help you by raising your vibrations and helping to excite your aura, bringing you enhanced powers of manifestation and intuition.

Let’s break down this phrase into its constituent parts so you can see exactly how that happens.

Meaning Of “Love”

What is the meaning of Love? That’s a very big question, but one that can be answered (in this context, at least).

Firstly, put aside your notions of what it means. The kind of love that we all talk about in our daily lives is separate, even if the two are inextricably linked.

We are not talking about the emotion, which is merely a manifestation of our capacity for storing and transferring specific wavelengths of energy.

Rather, we are talking about the energy itself. Love is a specific wavelength of energy – and it is the stuff of creation!

To illustrate this point, consider the effect that hate has on the world.3 e1581419423410

Hate is responsible for the destruction of things – nothing was ever created in hatred, but many things have been destroyed, taken away, or otherwise hampered.

Even if someone builds a big wall to keep out the people that they hate, they have not created anything. Instead, they have destroyed their connection to those people by erecting barriers (both the physical wall, and the mental/emotional walls that go along with it).

Love, on the other hand, drives creation. It is the force behind passion, creativity, and motivation.

People will go to the ends of the world for it. It drives us to do what is necessary and good, even when it does not directly benefit us.

Through love energy, our souls are nourished, and our power is increased. Light follows a similar pattern.

Meaning Of “Light”

“Light” is another word that has a mundane, physical meaning as well as a metaphysical one.

In every day us,e we might mean actual light, consisting of photons – the type that we can see!

While Love is a type of energy, though, Light is pure energy.

When we talk about positive and negative energy or high and low vibrations, what we are actually describing is the presence of Light and how it acts when we perform a specific action.

When we are kind and conscientious,s we are both absorbing and transmitting it, whereas when we act poorly, we consume it.

Those who brim with wisdom are described as great beacons, or as glowing brightly.

As many have said, Light is the medium of wisdom – the secret of this lies in its breadth.

It can be transferred into all other types of energy. It can take on any frequency and wavelength, aiding every action we take.

This is the reason nothing can move faster than the speed of light – it is pure potential.

It applies to everything.

Love And Light Meaning

And so we come down to the crux of it. Hopefully, now that you understand the words, the meaning has become more obvious.

When you send Love and Light to someone,e you are nourishing them, if they are consumed or weighed down with negative energy they need this support.

Like a flower at nigh,t they are curled over – but when you send this energy it is like a sunrise and their buds open.

Their leaves unfurl and absorb the nourishing rays, helping them to ground themselves and grow.

This is more than just a phrase. It is more than just words and their literal meaning.

Speaking them with intent raises within you the power to have a positive effect on another person, drawing energy from Mother Earth and funneling it to where it is most needed.

So we hope that if you are burdened right no,w we can do a little to help you, as we send you Love and Light today.

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