When we discuss twin flames and the twin flame relationship, we usually leave sex/gender out of it.

This is because it makes little to no difference the vast majority of the time. After all, we all hold within us both the feminine and the masculine energies.

But the majority of advice on the internet around this topic is aimed at women.

It is easy to understand why – the feminine energies are particularly suited to spiritual awareness, so the majority of the spiritually aware are women.

There is then a lack of advice for men or about men when they are going through a twin flame awakening. And things are a little different for men.

Ignorance & Physical Anchorage

When a man goes through the initial stages of twin flame awakening, he tends to do so from a position of ignorance and denial of anything other than the physical plane. This is perfectly natural.

This is because the masculine energies with which men are more abundantly furnished with are particularly suited to life in the physical realm.

Men are just inherently less suited to spiritual life and have more trouble than women in accepting the existence of the spiritual plane.

Therefore, if our twin flame is a man and we are establishing that first connection, we might find that he is entirely ignorant of the whole concept of twin flames and the spiritual plane on which we all might exist. We have to introduce him to his spiritual self.


In almost every twin flame relationship there is a runner and a chaser.

The reasons for this are many – far too many for this article to note, though there are articles here on Spiritual Unite that can explain these reasons.

What is notable is that in almost every case the runner is a man.

This stems from a lack of spiritual intuition. That is, they lack the powerful intuition that women have about spiritual and emotional matters.

They make up for it in other ways, of course, but not in any way that helps them to see the value of the twin flame relationship.

The best thing we can do for our male twin flame is allow them to come to terms with this reality that is so alien to them.

It might take a while for a man to leave his comfortable, physical plane for even the briefest of moments.

Quest For Balance

But once the man is spiritually aware and fully awakened to the twin flame relationship, he has one more task to complete (other than the myriad tasks that both twin flames have to finish regardless of sex/gender).

He must balance his masculine and feminine energies.

These energies are only very rarely able to be entirely balanced, but it is vital for a man to develop some feminine energies in order to engage with the spiritual plane fully.

Merely being around their twin flame – who, regardless of sex/gender will have complementary energies – will help to bring them into balance.

But they can speed up this process through meditation and contemplation, and by learning to adequately communicate with women if they are struggling to do so. This will foster feminine energy.

The thing to remember about male twin flame awakening is that it is a struggle.

We should forgive men for being less spiritual than women – it is simply their natural state. In time, that will change.