The twin flame journey is gender-neutral. Anybody can be a twin flame, and anybody could be your twin flame. But the experience is different for men than it is for women.

More specifically, men have a different set of challenges to overcome due to their masculine energy, which produces differences in the feelings they experience.

It’s essential for everyone, especially men, to know how the challenges of the twin flame relationship differ in terms of feelings.

Twin Flames Are Not Gendered

The first thing to note is that the actual process of the twin flame journey is the same for both men and women.

The process is pretty much the same for everybody.

The uniqueness of your twin flame relationship comes from your experience of it.

How you react to things, the actions you take and the state you are in during each stage are what makes your twin flame relationship yours alone.

So when we talk about the difficulty of the male twin flame experience, we are talking about the parts of the twin flame journey that are particularly difficult for men.

Intuition vs Reason

We all have a unique mix of masculine and feminine energy. Men tend to have more masculine energy than feminine energy.

Masculine energy is particularly suited to reasoning and analytical thinking. This is great for the practical aspects of the twin flame relationship.

However, it is feminine energy that resonates most closely with intuition.

Intuition is a big part of the twin flame relationship, as it is the spiritual link that allows us to negotiate the more emotionally and spiritually challenging aspects of it.

Struggling With Feelings

Masculine energy also interacts with feelings in a different way than feminine energy.

Men have more control over their emotions in terms of being able to act despite them.

This is why men cry less than women – it isn’t that they are less sad, just more in control of their feelings.

However, though masculine energy can control emotion, it does not have power over it.

Feminine energy is better at recognising and dealing with emotions, so women tend to be more able to work through and process their feelings.

This is absolutely key to the twin flame relationship, and it is usually the female twin flame that provides the emotional intelligence needed to make progress within it.

Pride & Ego

The two biggest obstacles men face with their feelings in the twin flame relationship are their pride and their ego.

Masculine energy boosts pride and ego, which explains the bullheaded behaviour groups of men are prone.

But pride and ego need to be put aside when it comes to the twin flame relationship.

Men have a lot of trouble with this, which is why they are more likely to be the twin flame runner.

Twin flame runners are running through fear, which is an ego-based emotion.

So if you are a man, or your twin flame is, be aware of the different challenges that masculine energy faces when it comes to feelings within the twin flame relationship.

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