Love connections do not just disappear overnight. Unfortunately, we often experience a hangover period after a relationship ends when we cannot get our ex off of our mind.

And it is not just while we are awake that we end up thinking about them.

In fact, long after we have stopped thinking about them during the day, we can still experience dreams of our ex. In all likelihood, they experience the same thing.

When we dream of our ex and they dream of us, there are some spiritual explanations for the experience. And some spiritual solutions, of course.

Dreams & The Spiritual Plane

 The first thing we need to know is the nature of dreams.

When we dream, we release our subtle body – or spiritual self – from the strict constraints of the physical body. This release allows us to exists more fully on the spiritual plane while we are dreaming.

It is often on the spiritual plane during dreams that we encounter the essential people in our life, even when they are no longer a part of it. In fact, these encounters can even happen before we have met them on the physical plane.

So our most accessible access to the spiritual plane is during sleep when the veil is thinnest. But what is happening when we dream of our ex, and they dream of us?

Spiritual Connections

All love connections foster a spiritual connection that links our energies on the spiritual plane.

While we can establish distance between us on the physical plane, the nature of spiritual connections means that we are never too far from them on the spiritual plane.

Our energies are still shared.

In the case of mutual or shared dreams, we are literally meeting with our ex on the spiritual plane. In this way, we can continue a spiritual relationship with them while having no physical relationship.

Sometimes, that is a problem.

Severing Ties

Dreaming of our ex, especially when we are likely meeting them on the spiritual plane and continuing a relationship, can be very unhealthy for both parties.

It could mean that reconciliation is on the cards. It could. But we have to ask ourselves if that is what is good for us.

In most cases, it is not.

Therefore, we should try to sever this spiritual love connection that still binds us together. We can do this through meditation and affirmation.

We should enter into a meditative state and concentrate our minds on the heart chakra.

Love connections extend from the heart chakra, so we search the energies in the centre of our chest to find the unique vibrational patterns that feel like our ex.

Then will the connection to server, using affirmations like “I am cutting this cord”, and visualise the threads of energy unravelling and separating.

We know intuitively when the connection has been severed.

And then it is just a matter of time, allowing our energies to realign and rebalance, and we can return to our spiritual journey clear of the baggage of the past.