Meaning of Number 14 in Numerology

Recently this number has shown up in my life, I am sure you have seen this number or have a connection to it, and now you are wondering what it means. I will explain in this article.

The number 14 belongs to a group of numbers which are karmic numbers. Here is a brief explanation.

The number 14 connects with people who require independence, justice, unity and self-initiative. The number 14 people need balance, prudence, temperance and harmony.

The 14 people are great at motivating themselves; they tend to be successful when the effort is put in.

Now let’s look at the challenges the number 14 individual may face.

The number 14 is about movement, so with it brings dangers or trials in life. The people with number 14 experiment to gain experience. These behaviours can be chaotic, for them, the goal is to progress and change and reach their final goal of renewed joy.

The 14’s love of changing things brings insecurity. They may appear fresh and calm but beneath that exterior is unsteady emotions, which is reflected as a swift change in feelings and mood swings.

The challenge you face is grounding yourself within a particular life style or profession that limits your great creativity.

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The key is a balance even if there are things you can’t do. You have to avoid making any significant changes to escape your daily routine or any means to avoid taking responsibility for any tough situations.

You are someone who is original and very practical, but you are unstable. You find it difficult to complete projects.

There are certain over indulgence the 14’s have to avoid such as drugs, alcohol, sex and food. 14’s have to ground to a particular area and with commitment can be exceptionally successful in life.

Even with the challenges 14’s are very successful in relationships and business wise. 14’s are more than capable than others to attain the incredible height of success. However, the success can be lost if they behave shrewdly.

Now that we are done with the challenges the number 14 individual faces, let’s look at some positive points about them.

Number 14 people are great communicators with a sharp wit. They are excellent in areas where exceptional oratorical finesse is required. They are very persuasive and good at getting people to adjoin their cause.

Being a 14 person, others may think you are just a steamroller who does not consider feelings of people. You shouldn’t let that bother you, within you is a deeply caring person who comprehends the intelligence of dealing with people.

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You love lavish dinners at restaurants or enjoy a trip somewhere out of the city.

To sum this up, number 14’s challenge is achieving balance and harmony in their life. Your fearlessness and reckless behaviour may get people to see you differently than others. Friendship is essential to you, as good friends will support you when you need them.

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