Meaning Of Life Path Number 1

This article is about life path number 1. Numerology plays an important role in studying and understanding ones life and the life path number can be useful in determining ones personality, purpose and destiny in life, challenges and obstacles faced in life.

The life path numbers are single numbers except the numbers 11, 22 and 33 and are obtained from ones birth dates.


Calculating Life Path Number 1

The numbers as said above are obtained from the birth dates. The day of birth, month and year are all reduced to single numbers independently after which the the 3 separate numbers are again added to obtain a singe number.

e.g January 3rd 2004 as a birth date would show life path number 1

(i.e) January is represented by number 1. The day of birth is number 3 and the year of birth can be reduced by totaling 4 & 2 to get 6. Adding the three numbers, 1+3+6, gives 10 which when reduced to a single number is 1.

Understanding Life Path Number 1

People with life path number 1 are commonly referred to as the ones, they are considered to be the leaders in life and the best in what they set out to do. They are believed to have a life purpose to achieve greatness, success and independence.

The ones exhibit high levels of courage, innovation, creativity, management and leadership qualities.

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They Are Hardworking

The ones are the most hardworking type of people who believe in nothing but the best. With high levels of self motivation and urge of success, they are seen to work tirelessly towards achieving their set goals and purposes.

They are not the kind to back down and give up when things get tough, instead, they swim through the storm and difficulties and challenges make them stronger. In their daily aspects; business, personal lives, education and in any position, they always reach the highest levels of success and achieve the greatest ever achieved.

People With Life Path Number 1 Are Independent

Living life on their terms is their greatest will and peer pressure or influence rarely works on them.The ones always decide independently what they want to achieve and go for it despite remarks or advise from others.

They always want to do what they feel like is right and not what others tell them to do and this makes it quite difficult for them to work under others since they don’t take instructions or orders.


They are Innovative & Creative

People with life path number 1 always strive to be the best and do what has never been done, the ones are very creative people who come up with new ideas day in day out. They are quite imaginative and always seem to have a new idea on something and its always an improvement of the path number 1

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Life Purpose

The ones, as stated above, are born to lead and achieve greatness and this makes their lives a bit complicated. To achieve all these they have to be masters of their lives and understand themselves deeply.

They have to be able to know what their drive in life is, their purpose, their mission, after which they can be able to think of different ways to make their purpose happen. At this point their creativity comes handy and they can come up with so many ideas of improving the different sectors of the world.

The only way out for them is to innovate an idea, put it in mind, put all the necessary effort and attention to achieve it and make it great to the end while taking the necessary steps, precautions and risks.

Life Path Number 1 Career

People with life path number 1, based on their success, creativity and their negative side of which they cant work with others make them very good business people and entrepreneurs who can come up with various business ideas. However, they have to be their own bosses as they can’t work well under others.


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