Meaning Of Life Path Number 2

This article is about life path number 2: Just as other aspects of Numerology, life path numbers are important in studying and understanding ones life. The different numbers used as life path numbers are able to determine ones mission and purpose in life, understanding the difficulties and challenges one goes through and also be able to explain ones personality.

Calculating Life Path Number

The numbers are obtained from the complete date of birth by reducing the three into a single digit.


This is done by reducing the month of birth into a single number, then the day of birth is also reduced and so is the year of birth.

e.g February 5th 2007 gives one the life path number 2

(i.e) February is the second month thus represented by number 2. The day of birth is represented by number 5 and the year of birth is reduced by adding 7 to 2 to give 9. Totaling the numbers, 2+5+9, gives 20 which is further reduced to give 2 hence the life path number 2.

Life Path Number 2

People with life path number 2 are commonly referred to as the two’s, they are considered the mediators whose major purpose in life is to spread love, peace, harmony and cooperation among people and society.

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They are characterized as peaceful, loving, patient, supportive and sensitive.However, they can negatively come out as over sensitive, childish and self centered.



The two’s are attributed to love and they are seen to be very sensitive and caring people. In most cases they turn out to be the best lovers and friends as they aren’t selfish and care about the well being and happiness of those around them.

They are very sensitive, gentle and very true to their feelings and when they love they truly do. The female two’s are seen to be the best mothers due to their caring nature and willingness to sacrifice their lives, money and energy to help their children better themselves.


Not only are they loving but loyalty is one of their greatest virtues. Dating a two is a blessing and you can trust them. Apart from the constant love they exhibit, they are very loyal and faithful to their lovers and they respect the relationship’s bond.

Peace Makers

The two prefer peace over war, fights and quarrels and they are always seen to promote peaceful co-existence among people in society. They believe in handling situations in a diplomatic manner and resolving disputes by reaching a common agreement between conflicted partied.

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Life Purpose

People with life path number 2 are purposely born to promote peace and harmony and should therefore work in positions they can be able to work with and influence people. They should be able to fit in organizations that aim to selflessly help the world; promoting peace, resolving conflict, providing help to the less fortunate etc.

Life Careers

Based on their attributes and personality, the two’s turn out to be very good counselors and diplomats as they are destined to help others achieve greatness and help the world in maintaining peace, resolving conflict among countries and maintaining balance behind political powers.

Negatively, they seem to be over sensitive and very shy in life. They can’t really say out loud their opinions and would rather maintain the status quo with the ideology of maintaining peace. In turn they end up sad and unsatisfied since their needs and desires aren’t met.


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