Meaning Of Life Path Number 4

In this article we will be discussing about life path number 4. The life path number is an important aspect of Numerology that shows the positive and negative aspects of one’s life based on characteristics attributed to the individual life path numbers.

Life path number 4, just as other life path numbers also aids in learning of the directions one should take in life and the lessons they should be gaining over time in the course of their lives. It also aids in the studying at large of the challenges and opportunities one is set to face in his/her lifetime and the possible traits they will generate from such encounters.


Calculating the Life Path Number 4

The number is obtained by summing up the digits of one’s birth dates. This is done by reducing the month, date and year as single digits then totaling them to obtain a figure that is once more reduced to a single digit to obtain the life path numbers.

Exceptions lie with the numbers 11 and 22 i.e they are the numbers not reduced to single digits when obtained.

e.g Obtaining life path number 4 ( 6th January 1995). January= 1 6th= 6 1995= 1+9+9+5= 24 = 2+4= 6, Therefore 1+6+6= 13= 1+3= 4 hence the life path number in this case is 4

Life Path Number 4

Often referred to as the teachers, those with the life path number 4 are believed and as well seen to be very conservative, hardworking, dependable, loyal, stable and trustworthy However, they may at times come out as rigid, careless, irresponsible, bossy and easily distracted.

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Highly considered a builder number, they are known to be those to plan, organize and put all pieces together of whatever they set to do in order to obtain massive levels of success. Such attributes such as being; disciplined, analytical, practical, serious and hardworking aids them so much in the accomplishment of their set goals.


They are considered the worker-bees of the society who don’t leave anything to chance and they are never seen to look for the easy way out of circumstances. They work out themselves to the level of perfection and success.


The fours are known to live life in a specific manner that is orderly. They find it easier in dealing with circumstances only after setting up a plan and a course of action with a step by step detailed action plan.

In their personal lives, they believe in living by a set of rules and set goals that they are to accomplish. Their home surroundings is also an important aspect of their lives and they love seeing order with each and every item in it. According to them, all should be well arranged and things should be all put in their proper places.



Having a direct approach to life and a sort of serious nature, they tend to have very few friends. They are observed to be straight forward in whatever they do and have a character of separating right from wrong and telling it directly to other people’s faces.

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Their straight shooting character makes others afraid of hanging out with them and thus the few friends. However, they are known to be very loyal and dependable and this makes them awesome life partners and friends.


Status is one major thing to those with the life path number 4 and with their skills they are set to be accountants, bankers and managers. Known to be thorough with whatever they do, they make great politicians who can deliver all they say they will and also manage the public docket and funds in a careful and organized manner.

They may not be specialized in coming up with new ideas but when involved in one, they take them up to great levels of success. They are slow but very sure in all they do and are seen to achieve their set goals at the end of time.


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