Meaning of Life Path Number 5

The life path number 5 is used in this study and just as other life path numbers, its used to understand and tell the possible directions one’s life is set to take. In addition, it aids in understanding the set of challenges and accomplishments one is set to endure.

The path numbers also aid in learning of one’s negative and positive traits and the characters and skills one is set to develop after certain life experiences and encounters in their lives.


Calculating the Life Path Number 5

The number is obtained by using one’s full birth date i.e the day of birth, month and the year.

1. The three aspects of the date are written down in numerical form.

2. Each of the three aspects are added and individually reduced to single digits.

3. The obtained single digits are summed up to obtain a figure that is also reduced to a single digit.

N/B Exception only lies with the numbers 11, 22, 33


e.g Obtaining life path number 5 ( 7th February 1994)

7th= 7


1994= 1+9+9+4=23 =2+3= 5

Therefore 7+2+5= 14= 1+4=5 thus this gives the life path number to be 5

Life Path Number 5

Often attributed to freedom since the number 5 in Numerology is attributed to change and risk. They come out to be very friendly people who love adventure and getting to experience new aspects of life.

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Those with the life path number 5 are often seen to be easy going and very out going people. Adventure and travelling is one of their greatest attributes as its just not in them to be stationary at one point over a long period of time.

They are known to be lovers of exploration who want to tour all the four corners of the world, see all the beautiful spectacles of the world, meet new people of different races and walks of the world, study the cultures of the world and just generally be a citizen of the whole world.


Always in a need to find out something new, the fives always want to answer the pending questions of life and those of the society.


They take risks and would do everything within their power to obtain the answers they so desire and possibly come up with new ideas and findings of thing in the world.


Their love for exploration makes them very good friends and they are also very easy going and out going making them very easy to interact and relate with. This is seen to earn them quite a lot of friends from different locations of the world, different walks and races of life.

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However, their life sexual partner relationships are always seem to be in turmoil as they hate being conservative and settling down at one point. A serious relationship would entail letting go of the hyper lifestyle and getting to spend their lives with one person and this is definitely not their lifestyle of choice.


Most of those with the life path number 5 are seen to be salespeople due to their attributes; easy going, persuasive and flexible.

They are great travel agents and would do great in any job that doesn’t involve sitting by one place always. Their versatility gives them an upper hand as they can fit in quite a variety of jobs that would include being; linguistics, publishers, writers, editors, broadcasters, investigative reporters, salespeople, promoters, translators and so much more interesting occupations.


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