The meaning of number 22 – Number 22 is the master number or the builder number on the material plane. The 22 expands from the number 11. However theres is four times the power and energy in its vibration, so there is much strength to use on the material plane. Number 11 is the root and 22 continues its path, this is the source energy put into the material plane, the vibration of this number has great deal of responsibility. Because of the great power of this number you may have success or there could be disastrous downfall.

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Meaning of Number 22

This number is all about balance and precision, this is the principle of the master number 22. In its full capacity is the master builder, at this stage it can achieve what can be hardly imaginable. 22’s have the power to turn most ambitions and dreams into reality, this is probably the most successful of all the numbers.

The master number 22 bears many of the motivational ideas of the number 11, it also combines the vibration of the number 4. Which makes it unlimited and yet very disciplined. It brings down energy into material form. It has great plans, big ideas, idealism and leadership and great self confidence.

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Spiritual Meaning of 22

Number 22 is one of the power numbers. The color associated with it are cream and coral, the symbol is the cross. The keyword of this number is Light, harmony and co-operation, when the vibration is found, there is the co-operation to work with Sources plan on Earth.

22’s will always offer to manifest things in a masterful way, this number has everything multiplied by four, energy, power and responsibility. 22’s are dependable, responsible, honest, these are the attributes of the number 22. There is always a need for building a firm foundation for whatever they require.meaning of number 22 2

22’s do their best when they learn to control the thoughts which rule their subconscious mind. They are the ultimate in manifesting dreams into reality, 22’s make their choices in life carefully. When they have a positive mindset positive things come to them. Their negative thoughts act as roadblocks to their success.

The fear that 22’s face is that they will let everyone down. The number 22 is also the spiritual master and teacher, they have chosen to come back to earth to help humanity. They do this by building a better foundation for humanity in the new age. 22’s will help to build the foundation for a new consciousness on the planet.

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22 Master Number

The master number has great energy and it is undeniable and ups the ante. You have come here with a high spiritual purpose, it won’t matter how you determine it. This master number brings high vibration.

Day to day terms you are going to feel high strung when you have this master number as your life path. You are always trying to push and pull yourself to do better, sometimes to the point you may get distracted. You will begin to notice that you have a high expectation of yourself, even others can’t see it as the feelings are all inside of you.

So what does all this mean for you on a working level ? It really means your are here to master your life. You have great strengths and many challenges and its not going to be easy.

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