Numerology is an important aspect in the study and understanding of human life and the soul urge number 1 plays an important role in getting to understand one’s life to a higher degree.

It aids in knowing the drive behind one’s life, his/her ambitions, understanding the reasons behind their character, behavior, and certain decisions in life.

It can also help one know their destiny in life and what they were born specifically to accomplish.

How Is It Obtained?

Those with the soul urge number 1 are attributed to having been born on the dates; 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the months of the year.

Additionally, the number 1 can be obtained from the numerical representation of one’s names with the corresponding letters after which they are added separately to obtain the single digit which may turn out to be 1 in some scenarios.


Often referred to as the ones, they are highly attributed to leadership, success, achievement, and individuality.

Believed to be controlled by the sun, its believed that the sun aids in developing their thoughts and clarity.

This makes them skilled enough to handle leadership positions, management in different fields including business, and generally in taking institutions, projects, and companies to successful levels.


Born with the passion to succeed and lead, they believe in coming up with new ideas to aid in the handling of issues and situations.

However, they tend to be very rigid in changing their minds, and in most scenarios, they are seen to believe that their ideas are the best and should be followed to the latter.

They have their own thoughts and perspective of life and their own approach to solving life problems and challenges and would be very rare for them to seek advice from others as this would make them feel weak.

Strong Personality

Those with the soul urge number 1 have quite a powerful and strong personality.

Independent in nature, they love to command respect from others and would want everyone to obey and follow their commands and rules.

They are seen to be always very strong and clear with whatever they set out to do and are very punctual and sober in their timing and thoughts respectively.


They are always in the state of thought, always thinking of new ideas, new ways of approaching and handling situations, and challenges.

They are also known to love growth and are seen to move with the day to day changing trends in technology and modern techniques and methods.

Ideologically, they are very creative, resourceful, and are always optimistic in whatever they do. Additionally, they are strong in the handling of physical work.


In most cases, those with soul urge number 1 are the leaders in society and are seen to rise to high management positions in their respective fields.

Their extraordinary good leadership skills are attributed to their outstanding character which include; easy to love and work with, very productive, decision-makers, thoughtful, good management skills, success-oriented and strong in character & determination.


As said above, their outstanding character makes them perfect candidates for success and they are always seen to attain high levels of success in whatever they set their minds to do.

With a strong personality that includes; independence, efficiency, originality, leadership, aggressiveness, and creativity.

They are known to excel in their respective fields, and in most scenarios, they start their businesses and even take those already in existence to high levels of success.

Generally, they believe in attaining the best in all that they do and they sacrifice a lot to achieve their goals and they are seen to hate laziness, clutter, and procrastination.