What Does Soul Urge Number 2 Signify? The soul urge number 2, just like other numbers in numerology is a great way to understand human life.

The various numbers in numerology are used in studying one’s purpose in life, determining one’s personality, motivation in life, self-drive, and the reasons behind various decisions and choices made.

Who is Considered Soul Urge Number 2?

The number 2 can be obtained by the numeric representation of one’s names and adding the numbers to obtain the digit 2.


Often referred to as the two’s, they are attributed to friendship and partnership and they are seen to be very easy going people who love teamwork and cooperating with others.

Controlled by the moon, they are believed to be romantic, soft, polite, artistic, and peaceful. Their vibrations include; balance, cooperation, sensitivity, benevolence, harmony, and closeness.

Peace Makers

The soul urge number 2’s are naturally known to hate quarrels, fights, and arguments and they resort to being peacemakers between people in the society.

Their greatest aim is to create a balanced and harmonized environment around them and in most cases they are trusted in making a judgement, during arguments and disputes, that would resort to peaceful coexistence among people.

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In the political table, they are diplomats who are used to improve relations between countries and country leaders.

Constant Behavior

The two’s are seen to stick to their same old behavior despite various warnings and personal failures.

They never seem to learn from their past mistakes and would repeat the same mistake over and over again and suffer the same consequences.

Many times they are their worst enemies as they suffer from their own decisions, actions, and confusion.


As said above, they are the best in friendships and relationships.

Love is one of their stronger suits as they know how to relate with others and make others feel loved, important, and appreciated.

They have a loving heart, full of prudence, love, patience, and care.

They believe in living together with others in harmony in order to be happy and this makes them very sociable.


The two’s are people who tend to work better with others and therefore make perfect social workers.

Additionally, their love for harmony and peaceful co-relation makes them amazing political diplomats.

The Women

The soul urge number 2 women are known to have the mother principle i.e loving, patient, prudent, and caring.

However, their emotions are always observed to be unstable and at times they feel happy, hopeful and sentimental but sometimes they get moody, hopeless and depressed.

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They are also known to love world luxuries such as; cakes, perfumes, seasoned dishes, and sweet meals.

Although known to be very loving and romantic, they are also observed not to be restrained to one man and many of them get into relationships with quite a number of men.

They are also very strong and fierce and they are known to stick to their actions, decisions, and beliefs and its very hard to discourage them.

The Men

The soul urge number 2 men are experts in handling women and they are known to have a natural charm with the ladies.

It’s very easy for them to charm the ladies and get their attention, love, and affection.