Meaning of Soul Urge Number 4

Importance of Soul Urge Number 4: Numerology offers the opportunity for us to understand human life and the soul urge numbers are essential in getting to fully understand one’s life; what makes one tick, what makes one behave the way they do, what makes one motivated, why they do what they do and generally they assist one to master all aspects of human life. It is the backbone of each and every one’s success, character and morals.

Obtaining The Soul Urge Number 4

The soul urge number 4 is attributed to those born on the dates; 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of the months of the year. Additionally, the number can be obtained by numerical representation of the first, middle and last names. The substituted numbers are added separately to obtain a single number or in exceptional cases obtain numbers 11, 22 and 33.


Soul Urge Number 4

Those with soul urge number 4 are in often cases referred to as the ‘the four’. They are known to be stable people in life who live their lives in an organized manner according to a particular structured pattern.

Stability, Law and Order

As said above, ‘the four’ live life in a particular manner. They are seen to live life on their own terms with goals and objectives that they set, accomplish, create new ones and relive the process.

In most cases they don’t believe in living life in the moment and would rather follow a structured timetable in their day to day routine. Law and order is the most essential part of their lives and without a set of rules to follow they would be confused.

Secretive and Introverts

‘The four’ often tend to be very lonely as they prefer to live life alone and manage their problems themselves. Its really hard for them to trust others and allow others into their lives with the assumption that such relationships would interfere with their normal routine.

In addition, ‘the four’ are very selfish people and they may not consider other people’s feelings, wants and needs and this makes them keep to themselves.


However, they are great conversationalists and can co relate with others appropriately.


Their love for order and goals makes them very efficient managers and they often turn out to be successful managers and directors of companies, institutions and organizations.


Leadership is one of their strong suits and they are seen to excel in high management positions and political positions, coming up with reforms and improving their respective institutions.

The Man

‘The four’ men are seen to be great conversationalists and are actually perfect sexual partners. However they have a tendency to involve themselves with numerous sexual partners and in turn their love lives are usually a mess.

The Women

‘The four’ women are great people that are very friendly and affectionate to their friends, family and sexual partners. They are also seen to be very polite in nature and are easy going people.

Additionally, they are very responsible, honest, compliant and submissive. They are also quite independent ladies who prefer to live life on their own terms.


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